Playroom Favorites

January 19, 2015

Playroom Faves


1// Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car – Ivy loves to open and shut the door and scoot around the room. She brings her kitchen stuff in the car and sits there to play with it. I tell her, “no eating while driving!” ;)

2// Little Tikes Slide – Gotta have something to climb on and this is the perfect size. She cruises down it. LOVE.

3// Baby Stella Doll – The pacifier is magnetic. Ivy loves giving baby her paci. SO CUTE. (Also found at Child’s Play Toys)

4// Melissa & Doug Wooden Doll Crib – THIS CRIB. I thought I wanted this Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Doll Bed – but I’m so glad Grandma got this crib instead! Ivy is obsessed with putting her dolls in there and rocking them to nigh nigh (yes, it actually rocks!). It also comes with a pillow and blanket. We love this! Good practice for new baby, except she usually puts the blankie over the dolls face ;) (Also found at Child’s Play Toys)

5// Green Toys Dish Set – Perfect plastic dishes.

6// Melissa & Doug Cooking Utensils – These are just the right size for kids! I love the stainless steel and how real they look. She uses all of these and stirs (or bangs) the food around in the pots and pans. (Also found at Child’s Play Toys)

7// Melissa & Doug Pots and Pans – Must have stainless steel for the real look. I thought these would be obnoxiously loud, but I’m so happy with them and they have been a huge hit with Ivy. She loves using them to cook! (Also found at Child’s Play Toys)

8// KidKraft Uptown Kitchen – I debated F O R E V E R on which kitchen to get! There are so many options! I was going to go with this Little Tikes Cook N Grow Kitchen because it was a shorter height so I thought it would be more fitting with Ivy, but I decided to purchase the Kidkraft one because of how real it looked. I LOVE the look of it and how sturdy the wood is. There are tons of KidKraft kitchens, but I liked how this one was all white and would look good in our house. And it has a TON of space for all of her food and kitchen utensils! She can easily reach the counter and will grow into reaching the microwave, so it will be perfect for many years.

9// Melissa & Doug Grocery Basket – This grocery basket is perfect to haul around food from the kitchen to the table. Ivy likes to pretend she’s shopping and will carry it around. SWOON. Plus it comes with some more food/pantry items.

10// Fisher-Price Tea Set – THIS THING IS AWESOME. It makes a pouring noise as you pour. SO COOL. And it has different settings for learning, music, or play, so there are several different sounds. Ivy LOVES it. Must have fo sho.

11// Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart – I like how real this one is. And easy to push. Plus she can put her dolls in the seat. (Also found at Child’s Play Toys)

12// Melissa & Doug Playtime Fruits – Gotta have some food items. Ivy LOVES fruit, so I knew this would be a hit. (Also found at Child’s Play Toys)

13// Melissa & Doug Playtime Veggies – She loves the corn! (Also found at Child’s Play Toys)

14// Melissa & Doug Food Groups – These are fun! They’re smaller sizes so they fit on the plates and are quite realistic. She loves the banana (“nana”), strawberries, and fish. (Also found at Child’s Play Toys)

15// Melissa & Doug Fridge Food Set – Ivy loves to pour juice. She always gets this out! (Also found at Child’s Play Toys)

Child’s Play Toys is a “unique toy shop for curious kids.” They have a gazillion toys and even have Child’s Play Wear with the cutest baby and kid clothes around! Downtown Sioux Falls, SD – check it out!

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