A Black Hills Easter

April 4, 2018

This Easter, we headed to our new cabin in the Black Hills, Sheep Hill Chalet. I love hunkering into a vacation home with the family on holidays! And the Hills are gorgeous right outside our windows! It snowed a TON! We were definitely stuck inside two of the days, but it wasn’t so bad with the cozy fire and huge windows to look at all the beauty around you!

On Easter morning, Ivy woke up bright and early and was dressed in her Easter best the second she woke up! She couldn’t wait to do the Easter egg hunt and get her basket! It had snowed so much the day before Easter that we were forced to have an indoor egg hunt. Fun for them to explore the new cabin!

Ivy and Faye’s dress

Then we took a trip down memory lane and headed into Deadwood to St. Ambrose Catholic Parish. I love this church, it’s old beautiful woodwork and gorgeous stained glass is so pretty. It’s a small quaint little church with tons of charm. And it’s where John and I got married 5 years ago! We hadn’t been back since, so it was fun to walk down the aisle with three kids in tow now! Oh the memories!

This Easter felt like a new special Easter to me. Since finding my faith a few months ago (I grew up going to Catholic church, so did John, but we always just went through the motions. We were more of just a few times a year family to church – like Easter and Christmas, but since a few months ago and dedicating myself to God and needing Him in my life, our family has been every Sunday to Embrace since the New Year! WHOOP!) and diving into that, it’s really the first Easter where I’ve understood the meaning and all of the importance surrounding the special day of Jesus’s resurrection and that it’s so much more than Easter baskets and Easter eggs. Saying “He is Risen!” meant the world to me now. Understanding Jesus died for us and our sins so we would have eternal life and being able to share that with our children made Easter really special and of huge importance to me this year. I’ll always remember Easter 2018 as a special day for me. A day where I prayed and said thank you to Jesus. My first Easter with Jesus.

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