Words in Order

January 21, 2018

This new year has been like no other. I feel like my mind hasn’t stopped with all of the messes going on around the world and in my own world. The previous years my resolutions have been about fitness and balancing life and family, but I am taking a different route this year. These past couple of months have had me reflecting on my inner self, my family and my relationships, and my values, which somehow have gotten a little out of order lately. So when this New Year hit, I really had to take a step back from the direction I was headed and recenter myself.

Today’s message at church was about getting your ‘Words in Order.’ How words are tricky things. They can help or they can harm, lift up or tear down, spread lies or encourage truth. This rang true to me as a parent and as a wife and friend. We’ll focus on the parent part of it for now! 

Ivy could literally talk to me ALL DAY LONG. I tend to just say, “I don’t know,” to a lot of questions (she has a million a day, I swear) just because I don’t want to go in to detail or I’m sick of talking and I just want her to quit asking questions and by me saying “I don’t know” makes me think she will be quiet but it never actually works (tell me you do this too?!?). And why do I do that? Why wouldn’t I want her to be curious, be inquisitive, be knowledgeable? 

These kids are so influenced by what we do AND say each day. I always want to be my kids’ role model, someone they look up to and respectMy lack of effort words are hurting her growth just because I’m at my wits end. This is where I need to remember to get my ‘words in order.’ Take a deep breath, recenter, gather some patience (I know it’s there somewhere!!!), and have positive and effective conversations with my children. As parents, we are one of our children’s top learning tools, I definitely needed that reminder this week!

Get ready Alexa, I’m going to start talking to you a lot more with the random questions Ivy asks! Already imagining it… “Alexa, why does Leo always have his hands in his pants?” Oh Lordy! 

2 thoughts on “Words in Order

  1. Oksana

    What beautiful and true words! I love when I recognize such simple truth… but like really really recognize. You’re an amazing mama! Thanks for sharing!


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