Faye // 7 Months

January 13, 2018

Faye is 7 months old today! She is such a bundle of joy and I pretty much just squeeze her all day! I could tooootally see how the baby of the family is spoiled… not speaking from experience or anything ;) I just love her so much!

Faye loves to play with toys! She is constantly grabbing at everything and playing with anything in sight. She is in that stage where she isn’t quite crawling, but is able to scoot her cute chubby butt all of the room. She was actually under our coffee table the other day, like, WHAT! Whoops! :) Another fact about the baby of the family, you tend to not have your eyes on them as often!

Faye hit the milestone of sitting and she also goes from laying to sitting. I love this stage where they just plomp their little tushes everywhere! She even started pulling herself up on things. Not all the way, but the girl is strong and gets herself up part way up the crib! I feel like she’ll start crawling any day! She rocks back and forth and scoots around everywhere. Even did the army crawl/downward dog position all this week!

Butt off the ground!

Faye LOVES to eat! She inhales any food  I give her, especially loves yogurt and avocado. We have done baby-led weaning with the other two kids and am doing it again. Thankfully she has an excellent pincer grip for picking up all the foods we give her that we eat too. She loves strips of steak to such the juices out! Even uses her bottom lil teethers to strip little pieces of steak off.

Still loves to suck her 3 fingers! Haha. Leo was a 2-finger sucker and now Faye is a 3-finger sucker! EEEEK! Love a self soother, but Leo still does it and he’s 2 and a half!

Faye is maaaaajorly teething this last week. She’s getting her two on top and one more on the bottom all at the same time. Tylenol all day err day a few days ago, poor little girl had a low-grade fever and wouldn’t let me put her down. The bottom one finally popped through today but the top one still won’t budge!

She’s still so curious about her siblings, always wanting to watch them and try to take their toys away from them. She’s almost always laughing at Leo because he always wants to make her laugh. Ivy is completely obsessed still and loves to hold her and read her books before naptime. Sibling bond is the best! So blessed with three healthy fun kids. We love you Faye, happy 7 seven months!



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