6 Things I Want to Remember About My Kids

April 27, 2016

Kids are just damn cute. The quirky things they do, the hysterical things they say, the funny photo you take of them caught up in their own world with no cares at all, kids, they are just freaking adorable. There isn’t a single ounce of caring what others think on their minds, they simply, JUST LIVE. And they’re so sweet and sassy at the same time. That’s why I need to remember these things, for me now, for them later, for us to remember and laugh about in a year, 5 years, 20 years. Whenever the time, it MUST be documented! (A previous toddler talk on Ivy post here)

  1. Ivy and her blankie. It’s still the cutest thing. She has slept with it every night and every nap since she was just a teeny baby and I finally got brave enough for her to have a blankie in the crib with her. In the past few months, she’s gotten to where she finds a corner of her blankie, and holds onto it with both hands. I giggle each time. Like, why the corner? It’s so cute and we both chuckle now when she says “here’s my little corner!” It’s too funny. And so sweet.


2. Leo and his fingers. He’s been a finger sucker since very teeny. At first it was whichever fingers (it was always two) make it in there first, but now it’s been his right hand and the last two fingers. It’s such a bad habit, per the dentist 😒, but I am ALL about self-soothing and the second he gets tired, he sticks ’em in there, or when Ivy pushes or hits him (ugh), he cries a second and fingers in. It’s pretty sweet to see him do it, keeps him just a teeny baby to me a little more.


Photo by Amie Hansen Photography

3. Ivy and her obsession with anything girly. SERIOUSLY. This girl would wear a pink tutu every day of her life if she could. She has several tutus that she just LOVES to wear and she loves any girly dress also. And ALWAYS has to have a hair bow. She dresses herself now (with me trying to plead this over this usually) and comes out with the funniest combos sometimes. I taught her about matching colors because some of the outfits were so ridic that I would not claim her as my child, but that has backfired because now she thinks she has to have a pink tutu, pink tights, pink shirt, pink hair bow, pink shoes. MY GAWD. So I’m occasionally trying to persuade her into something else that also matches without every shade of pink together imaginable.  But most of the time, I just giggle and think to myself, whatever floats your boat, girlfriend. You’re only a kid once :)


4. Leo and how snuggly and sweet he is. I literally just have to walk over to his crib at nap or bedtime and he instantly cuddles himself up on my chest, inserts fingers, lays his head down and tucks his feet under his body with his tush out. It’s so flipping cute and I look forward to it every time. He’s gotten funny sometimes where he’ll let out a 5 second little whine and then cozies in, that kind of the best because he tries to fight it, but then just gives right in. Gosh, I love a snuggly kid. We so did not get that with Ivy. And he’s always so sweet! Nothing hardly ever bothers him. He’s easy and such a dream baby. 

Photo Apr 26, 2 39 37 PM

5. Ivy and her (freaking) LOUD VOICE. I swear she is like the loudest person alive, has no awareness of her voice AT ALL. And it doesn’t help that she is talking ALL OF THE TIME. You can have an entire conversation with this chick. A loud one at that. Even though I am usually telling her to lower her voice, I swear that loud voice will get her somewhere someday. (Hopefully something good!)

6. And lastly, Ivy and her obsession with makeup. My friend got her this play makeup kit that looks SOOO real and she has been obsessed with it. Always wanting to put makeup on herself and me and Leo. Hehe. It’s the worst when I’m putting on makeup (rarely these days) and she comes in and starts putting on mine! EEEEK! I have to usually wipe her face off because she has it all over her eyebrows, cheeks, everywhere! Also she LOVES lip stuff! My goodness she is always carrying a lip gloss or my chapstick or sometimes gets into my lipsticks. Gah! That’s where I thank Snapchat! (username kaylee.koch) Those make-up filters are the best!!!

Photo Apr 19, 2 02 29 PM

Kids really are the best. Aren’t they. SWOON.

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