We’re on TV!

April 25, 2016

We are on tv! Pretty exciting and funny at the same time! ;) Our family got asked to be in a commercial for Wireless World and of course we said yes! I was anxious to see how Ivy and Leo would do on tv! I’m usually always shoving my camera in their too-cute-to-avoid faces so I thought they would do just fine, and they did SO well!!! Ivy was a total natural and being surrounded by iPads and iPhones was her dream come true, ha. She dove right in and started playing with them which equaled perfect acting for this commercial. Might have to get her an agent, hehe. And Spoiler Alert! Leo is so flipping cute in this I teared up at the end!!! Happy to have had this opportunity, thank you Andrea with Midcontinent for this opportunity and thank you Wireless World for trusting in us! :)


Leo at the end… gah!!! 💔

 Ivy’s dress / Leo’s shirt // Kaylee’s shirt //

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