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January 24, 2016


Ivy has been RI-dic-u-lous lately. The things she says, I’m like, either, embarrassed, speechless, laughing hysterically, totally smitten for her, or straight-up concerned #momlife. But one thing is for sure, no matter the emoji I’m feeling, it NEEDS to be documented.

So she’s been all curious about poop lately. Everytime I change Leo’s diaper or if she happens to be in a diaper or goes on the potty, she asks, “Can I see the poop?” And like, literally, gets MAD at me and cries if I tell her no. So I end up showing her and EVERY TIME she goes, “Yuuuuuck.” Well then Ivy, WHY do you keep asking?!?!? #wtf #gross

Naps are basically done around here in her world. Maybe one or two times a week she will actually go to sleep if I lay with her in there and hold her down in her bed. Nonetheless, I put her in there daily and each time I say, “Ivy, it’s naptime,” or “Ivy, it’s bedtime,” she’ll respond “not quiiiiite yet.” I chuckle each time :) #socute

Ivy likes to categorize things as “big” and “tiny.” For example, my friend Shannon is “big Shannon,” our neighbor girl Shannon is “tiny Shannon.” And many other things are “big” and “tiny.” Including my nipples and her nipples that she points out often as I’m feeding Leo : / #goddamnit #thetruthhurts

I got my . last month (so mad! I didn’t get it with Ivy till she was nine months! Leo’s only seven!) and was in the bathroom doing you know what, and she walks in (note to self, LOCK DOOR). Literally in the middle of it and she goes, “What’s that in your body?” I’m like, “UMB.” Thinking, how the HELL do you explain a . to a two year old? Also thinking, how can I dodge this till you’re thirteen! So I am fumbling my thoughts and she asks again, “What’s that in your body? Mama got a boo boo?” I’m like YES, go with THAT!!! “Mama got a boo boo!” #saved

Potty training. Yup. Still working on that. I’ve heard the words, “I’m going pee pee!” A hundred times and it was quite embarrassing when she was at Skyzone last Tuesday sitting on the mat and yelled it too. #oops #sorryskyzone

Another potty training. It is going well. 90% potty trained I would say. And when she needs to go, she’ll say all frantically (probably bc my voice usually is during potty training), “I better get to the potty chair!” #YESPLEASE #andhurryup

Yesterday morning she woke up an hour earlier than normal and came into our bedroom. I asked her, “Why’d you wake up so early?” She responded, “Because I need a bow in my hair.” #WOW #totalgirl

She’s learned, “UGH.” In the really annoyed drawn out tone. Who’d she learn that from? #guilty

Everything is “TA DA!!!!” #soproud

Total goofball. And totally loving this age #two



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