Friday Finds // 4.15.16

April 15, 2016


 Hello from Indianapolis! I’m visiting my sister Jillian and her new baby Alexandra this week. She is just three months younger than Leo and it is so much fun to get the cousins together! Follow us along on Snapchat at Kaylee.Koch 👻 We are heading out for dinner tonight to Spoke and Steele tonight and it looks FABULOUS. Anxious for a delicious meal and a hip vibe. Loving this nice weather! Saying HELLO again to Spring! Hope you stick around this time!! Have a FABULOUS weekend friends! xo

Fashion Finds 

I really want these sunglasses

Easy summer dress and the pattern is ultra cool!

Give me all the straw hats

Fringe blouse, lovely

Denim dress to bring back the 70’s

Digging the denim vests too

Stripe floral dress for Ivy, still love this combo!

Floral linen shorts for Ivy, love these

Coveralls. GAH 💔

And cool linen shorts for Leo too!

Probably need this shirt for beach living this summer

Kinda wanna see John in some white pants! :) He could rock them!

Links I Love

Into teeny planters with succulents right now and these are da bomb!

And totally obsessed with mid-century right now

I’ve been redoing some decor to fill in our built-ins and just got these. Love them!

For that POP of color in your home

This coffee table with a built-in magazine holder. YES.

Oh Baby: 10 things every Mom should know

5 pieces of parenting advice. She nailed i!

This outdoor blanket and how it rolls up into a bag. HANDY DANDY

Swaddles. I have an obsession. Boy // Girl

Warning signs that you’re a side character in a movie

9 times to take photos of your children

How much sex should you be having?

News on the Net

Can this happen to me?! Accidental find worth millions!


Woman on Most Wanted list captured

Zika Virus: “Scarier than we thought.”

Chinese court rules gay couples can’t marry

Affluenza teen to be sent to adult court

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