Cousin Cuties

April 18, 2016

Leo and I traveled to Indianapolis this past weekend to visit my sister Jillian, her husband Brian, and their 7 month old baby girl Alexandra. Lucky Leo he got to tag along while Ivy stayed home with Daddy. Mostly bc he’s still a free airplane ticket 😜 but also because I couldn’t wait to get the baby cousins together! They’re just three months apart so it’s fun to see them together. Plus, I don’t get to see either of my sisters enough! So I was ready for some sisterly bonding time. We had a ton of fun and it was a GORGEOUS weekend. Indianapolis is always so much fun!

Leo was a champ on the airplane. I tried to time his naps during the flights but he had NO intention of sleeping, WAY too much to look at! He behaved just fine and enjoyed making googly eyes at the people all around him.

Photo Apr 16, 2 00 12 PM

His HEAD. Goodness kid.Photo Apr 13, 2 08 09 PM

Smoothie during the layover. Too cute! His big hands and knuckle dimples 💙

When we made it to Indianapolis it was cousin haven! Leo made himself right at home by taking all of Alexandra’s toys from her, hehe, and getting into everything that isn’t baby proofed for a mobile baby yet! He had a whole new sense of exploration!

Photo Apr 13, 5 15 14 PM

Thursday was so glorious outside! We spent a lot of time outside and the kids loved the sunshine! But probably not as much as me :)

Photo Apr 14, 10 46 18 AM Photo Apr 14, 10 54 22 AM Photo Apr 14, 4 36 48 PM

Proud Mommy and Auntie Jillian!Photo Apr 14, 5 48 09 PM Photo Apr 14, 5 50 23 PM

Later, we had Jillian’s nanny watch the kids while we headed to Broadwater for lunch and a couple of beers. YUM. Jillian took me to Cake Bake Shop for dessert and WHOA it was incredible inside! White and pink everywhere and the most amazing desserts I’ve ever seen! The berry cheesecake we had was gone in about .2 seconds. MMMM.

Photo Apr 14, 1 33 03 PMPhoto Apr 14, 5 59 27 PM (1) Photo Apr 14, 5 46 24 PM

Friday, we lounged around in the sun and read magazines and had lots of girl talk while the kids napped, that was glorious. Just kind of took it easy during the day and both kids had fabulous naps! WHOOP!

Photo Apr 15, 9 21 24 AM

Cutie!!!! xoxoPhoto Apr 15, 11 05 56 AM

Alexandra’s head – 14th% // Leo’s head – 96th% EEEEEEK! It’s humongous! Bah! :)

Photo Apr 15, 3 50 10 PM

Leo’s shirt (on sale!!) // pants

Photo Apr 15, 3 01 00 PM

Later that night, the nanny came to relieve us again and Jillian, her husband Brian, and I headed downtown Indy for a nice meal at Vida, #4 on Indy’s top 50 restaurants. YUM. I had the strip steak and it was soooo flipping good.

Photo Apr 18, 9 28 05 PM

Next time we see them will be 4th of July! I am so anxious! Leo will be a 1 year old by then, eeee! Wish they lived closer.

And it was really good to get home to Ivy and John. I missed them so much! Ivy had a lot of fun with Daddy, they were due for some bonding time :)

Photo Apr 14, 3 05 24 PM

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