Spring Dresses for your Little Girl

April 11, 2016

I don’t know WHERE she got it. I mean, Ivy’s need to be as GIRLY GIRL as possible, is so funny to me. I was an athletic girl who didn’t care barely cared about pink or wearing a dress until high school. So this is all new to me, this, pink obsession, girly obsession, and her need to wear a tutu, princess outfit, or dress LITERALLY every day. I do love the tutus, they’re super cute, but the dresses out there are just so precious! I taught Ivy about matching because she was dressing herself and coming out looking completely ridiculous, and well, that has bit me in the butt! Now she thinks she has to match pink on pink or purple on purple, or WHATEVER color “match” combo she can come up with, so this whole dress thing is totally going to be in my favor! She can just slip on one dress and ta-da! DONE. Ivy is good at dressing herself and the more dresses that I can fill her closet with, the better the chance that I will actually want to be seen with her in public :)

Here are 10 precious dresses for your little lady!


1 // 2

3 // 4 // 5 // 6

7 // 8 // 9 // 10

I love that top left one (number 1)! Extra flowy and the flowers are really pretty! I also love number 4  because that is one of my favorite colors! I know Ivy would love any one with flowers and pink, so any of those to fulfill her girly need! She pointed to number 2 and 7 :) Ha!

Well if this Spring would warm up we could go without tights! But it just doesn’t seem to be giving into the warm temps yet. June and January and Gap (like these pink ones!) have really cute tights for those chilly days.

And can’t forget about Mom – this dress is so pretty and pink! Also loving the off-the-shoulder trend with this dress. And here is a simple easy dress for every day. So many great dresses out there right now!

Happy shopping and I’m going to soak up the warm weather that is in our forecast! Finally!

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