A Weekend with the Girls

January 18, 2016

I love me some girl time. And this weekend was one for the books! Five of us girls that have been friends since before high school met in Minneapolis (two live there, one in Chicago, and then myself and another friend from Sioux Falls) for some serious fun and time away from kids, husbands, and LIFE. Which was much needed. I hadn’t been away from Leo yet, but I was ready to leave him and Ivy with John and get OUTTA there!

We stayed at the downtown Hilton and with a sweet hookup from our friend Tori, we ended up with the Royal Suite! It was amazing! Lots of room for us five rowdy girls :) THREE bathrooms. Awesome.

minneweaselweekend-1 minneweaselweekend-2

One of the big reasons why I wanted a trip besides some girl time was for dining out! I LOVE going out to eat and all I wanted was some delicious food and wine! And one of my favorite things about Minneapolis is how incredible the buildings and decor are everywhere. All the old historic buildings are my favorite! We chose a couple restaurants that I hadn’t been to yet, so I couldn’t wait to check them out.

Friday night, we headed to the restaurant Bachelor Farmer. Delicious wine and food and great convos = a fun kick off to the our weekend with the girls! Capped the night off with a cocktail at the Marvel Bar as we chatted and gossiped about everything!

minneweaselweekend-5 minneweaselweekend-4

Saturday morning Chelsey flew in from Chicago for a 24-hour girl’s trip so that was really exciting seeing her! We all jumped in the car and headed to Libertine for brunch. Really hip decor and WHOA, the chicken and waffles were probably my favorite meal of the whole weekend!

minneweaselweekend-7 minneweaselweekend-8 minneweaselweekend-9 minneweaselweekend-10

We did a little shopping at H&M (I got this and this blouse) and headed back to the suite to rest up then spruce up for the evening.

We went to Hey Day for dinner and checked off another extraordinary meal. Our convos there are not ones to be repeated about our past lives :) Ha, but we reminisced about our high school days with some fun memories and some good laughs along the way.

minneweaselweekend-12 minneweaselweekend-19 minneweaselweekend-16 minneweaselweekend-17 minneweaselweekend-20

Ok this picture. OMG I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time! Tori, the second in on the right, goes “where’s my body!!!??!” And we all DIED. Her head is perfectly sitting on top of the backrest and her all black coat is making her look bodyless! BAH! We laughed so ridiculously hard about it ALL night and as I’m writing this I’m still laughing! Maybe one of those times you had to be there, but holy hannah, it was funny!!!

After Hey Day we went to my FAVORITE – Spoon and Stable for some refreshing cocktails and to admire the decor. I LOVE it in there! By far my favorite place in Minneapolis! I love all the white and high ceilings and the bar is gorgeous. That wine cellar isn’t too shabby either ;)


We closed the night there as we talked about everything girls can possibly talk about (wait, that is probably not possible!) and finally hit the sack at 3am! Way too late for this mama but it was too much fun being out with the ladies!

Sunday morning Tori and Chelsey headed out, so Gina, Sally, and I enjoyed one last stuffing of the face at Moose and Sadie’s.


Well. This girl’s weekend sure felt good. Girlfriends, gossiping, laughing so hard you cry, wine, delicious food, shopping, dressing up, looking fancy, and sleeping in. This weekend couldn’t have been any better. So much fun being around people that you’ve known for practically your entire life. So lucky to have such great friends! And fun to have secrets about each other that only we know! I really love being a girl :)

And. The kids survived, ha! I had a lot more trust in John this time around from before when I left him with Ivy as a baby. I guess he’s got some practice under his belt this time. He sent me this picture from the mall and I think Ivy did just fine under his care, hehe. Well, minus her outfit… (they’re pajamas) : / haha

Photo Jan 15, 3 09 52 PM

Sure missed the kids though. It’s always a little sweeter of a hug and kiss when you haven’t gotten one in a few days. Love these two.

Photo Jan 18, 11 35 28 AM And now John is getting me back with a guy’s trip to the Black Hills this weekend :( But, soon enough, will be our trip to the BAHAMAS!!!!!!


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