Friday Finds // 1.15.16

January 15, 2016

I’m REALLY excited for this weekend! I’m heading to Minneapolis for a girl’s trip with four other friends and it is bound to be amazing! We plan on eating at The Bachelor Farmer and Hey Dey for dinner. I am so anxious for some delicious food, wine, and girl talk! That means, the kids are with John!!! EEEE! Hoping the bottle goes ok. Leo’s taken one only four other times by three different people and has done fine, so I’m sure John will have no trouble (hopefully!) They’ll all get some quality bonding time in :) And about time I get a trip away! Pretty pumped. I’ll definitely miss the fam though. I already miss my cuddle sessions with Leo : / But before I peace out, here are your Friday Finds! Have a great weekend!

Fashion Finds

Well these are the most darling shoes I’ve ever seen for a girl

Triangle leggings for boys are so rad

This bucket bag. YES please

I keep seeing this tee all over on every fashion bloggers Instagram (@cellajaneblog my current fave!)

These black stud earrings :)

Diggin’ these fringe booties

Festive blouse for Valentine’s Day

Studly high-tops for your little boy

Basically adorable for your Valentine’s Day girl

Give Ivy ALL the tulle skirts

Love these trousers for Leo

Links I Love

Just signed up for and it’s amazing. Shop from your favorite instragrammers!

Bought these felt balls to make a DIY Valentine’s Day garland. Super cute!

The ultimate changing pad – it tracks their babies’ growth, feedings, diapers, and sleep all on a smartphone. BAM.

Wooden camera for your wee one. Mini photographers!

So this is totally cool. Stitch your family!

For any of you who have had a hard birth

SOOOO excited about this new photo editing app coming out soon!

Pink salt water for breakfast? Hmmm

Love Anthro’s travel mugs

I want this water bottle to bring to yoga

News on the Net

Teacher faces involuntary manslaughter charges after skiing accident

New larger than T.Rex dino unveiled

Oscar nominations are out

50 things to watch for during NFL playoffs

Sean Penn and El Chapo meeting

Powerball. And all that buzz!

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