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October 5, 2014

Meyers soap-7Mrs. Meyers has become my new best friend, my current obsession. Who is Mrs. Meyers you ask? Well she is Thelma Meyer, an Iowan homemaker and mother of nine. She is the name behind Mrs. Meyer’s home and cleaning products. I love her tagline, “our products smell like a garden, and clean like the dickens.” (Can’t you see an old cute little Grandma saying that!?) And she’s right. “The collection of household products contain essential oils, from flowers and herbs pack a real punch against daily dirt and grime.” From dish soaps, to laundry detergent, to soy candles, to window cleaners. I’m obsessed with it all. And it’s very environmentally friendly with pure ingredients in each bottle. Safe for the home! :)

I have heard of Meyer’s soaps, but had never taken the plunge from my regular products. When I received my last month’s Citrus Lane box for Ivy, there was a little sample bottle of the dish soap in lemon verbana scent. I loved the light, pure, and refreshing scent as I washed the dishes and I was instantly hooked. It cut grease and cleaned just as well as my trusty Dawn dish soap, but this scent, I couldn’t get over it. It was invigorating and uplifting. I actually enjoyed doing dishes as the lemon verbana radiated throughout the kitchen. I knew I had to get more. #obsessed

Meyers soap-14I went to Target yesterday to buy the large dish soap and found all KINDS of Mrs. Meyers stuff! I LOVE lavender and just bought a wreath and some dried lavender from Pottery Barn, so I was extremely excited about the lavender soy candle! There are 25 hours of burn time and the smell has a smooth, relaxing, and intoxicating scent.

I decided to try out the Bluebell dish soap because I loved the floral woodsy smell. It smelt like fields of wildflowers in the Black Hills.

I bought the honeysuckle and parsley scented hand soap. The soft feeling of the olive oils and aloe vera in them keep my hands soft. The honeysuckle is for our bathroom and is fruity and soothing. Parsley is one of my favorite herbs! It has a strong aroma that is very refreshing, I kept that one in the kitchen.Meyers soap-11

Lastly, I also bought the geranium soy candle. The smell is pleasing and uplifting as it fills the room.

I think I could have bought everything! I am totally obsessed. I love that it brings the garden into your kitchen and home. I went on their website when I got home to see what else they had and there are a ton of items! Next time I plan to get the multi-surface cleaner, as I use that often (I must have missed that at Target).

Plus, their limited edition scents just came out for the fall and holidays! Cranberry, orange clove, and Iowa pine. MUST HAVE.

Have you tried Mrs. Meyers products? Which ones? Which scent is your favorite? Comment below!

Meyers soap-4

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