15 things I love about October

October 7, 2014

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1. Fall Leaves
October is when South Dakota starts its hibernation for the winter and the brilliant oranges and reds and yellows during this transition time is A M A Z I N G. I love to see all of the leaves change colors and fall to the ground as the cool wind wisps through them. And then we have to rake, and that’s not so amazing. But I choose not to dwell on that at this time.

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2. Pumpkins
When that much anticipated Starbucks pumpkin latte hits the counters, I know fall is here. And man does it taste good. (Mouth watering). Pumpkins are the sure thing of fall and October. I love them all! Big ones, small ones, cute ones, ugly ones, green ones, orange ones, all of ‘em. And they make your doorstep look like you actually tried. Oh, and did I mention PUMPKIN PIE. OMG.



Mums 3


3. Mums
This bodacious bundle just grows and grows and I love how full they get. All the different colors brighten up my doorstep just one last time before the dead of winter. It’s like that one last glimmer of hope that I hold on to for dear life to survive through the winter. Plus, it’s a fun word to say. Mums :)



4. Festivals
Apple Festival, Harvest Festival, Pumpkin Festival, love them all! Nothing like enjoying some fresh air while picking apples and pumpkins. And I could eat caramel apples and sip on hot cider (preferably spiked with rum) ALL DAY LONG.

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5. Soup
I LOVE SOUP. October is total soup month and I love when my Food Network magazine features soups on the cover. Chili, cheesy potato, chicken noodle, butternut squash, chicken tortilla, minestrone, broccoli cheddar, awe, nothin’ like warm bowl o’ soup and some crusty bread to fill ya up on a chilly October day.


Fall Beers6. Oktober Beer
Seasonal beers are what makes my belly bubbling this time of the year. There are tons of mouth-watering seasonal ales in October, such as Oktoberfest beers, pumpkin beers, and harvest ales. I am a total sucker for taste testing so I love to try as many as I can! Here are some lists to choose (here and here). I can’t help but judge a book by its cover, I like to choose the most fun label! Watch out for the headless horseman in the Shipyard Pumpkin Ale!


7. Football
There is nothing better than staying in your pjs and watching football all day long on Sunday. Bonus if the Broncos are on because I’m slightly obsessed with Peyton Manning.


8. It’s holiday time, but not
I’ve started to think about Thanksgiving and Christmas and the holiday bliss, but I don’t have to lift a finger yet. I soak in this non-stressful month before the malls are stacked with people and I’m gaining 10 extra pounds from delicious holiday food.


9. Halloween
I’m obsessed with Halloween. I usually go all out and decorate our door for the little kiddos (or maybe more for myself) all ghoulish like with scary halloween sounds. I love the spooky of it all and there are so many fun decorations! I just can’t help myself! Best thing this year – Ivy in a Halloween Costume. EEEEE!


10. Scary moviesscary movies
I LOVE being scared. And with Halloween in October, tv is filled with scary movies on all day long. Freddy Krueger, Jason, The Exorcist, The Shining, Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. AHHHH I love them all! And I think the best movie of Halloween time, is Hocus Pocus! I would have given anything to be sister Sarah and sing, “Come little children, I’ll taaaaaake thee away,” Those outlandishly wild witches are the best!


11. Duvet Comforter
We take off our down duvet in the summer because it’s sooo hot, but the first sign of chill in the air in October, it’s back on. And I LOVE to cozy up to the soft fluffy down, it’s so comfortable that I don’t even need to count sheep to fall asleep.


12. Boots, sweaters, scarves, and vests
Clothing in the fall is some of the best. I love that I don’t have to wear my serious winter boots yet and can still look cute in some stylish boots. Sweaters, I could live in them. Give me an oversized knit sweater or a hoodie and I’m good. Scarves, I’m not wearing them yet to ban away the ice cold wind, I’m wearing them to look fashionable. And I like that. Vests, my puffy Patagonia, still my fave. And is it just me, or do people just look really cool in vests?


13. Birthday
Ivy’s birfday, ‘nuf said. And my Mom’s :)


14. Cooler weather
After the dead of the heat in August, I’m usually ready for some 60’s, but not 40’s because that is just too close to freezing temp for me.


15. Seat heaters
Although I’m not a fan of cold weather, it sure feels good to turn that seat heater on high and warm my little tush.


Hope you’re all having a Happy October!

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