Gobble Gobble Black Hills

November 25, 2013

I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving. The food, the food, the food. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, scalloped corn, mmm, my mouth is salivating. I was even more excited this year because we took a trip out to the Black Hills to my husband’s brother’s (Jeff) cabin. He bought a cabin outside of Deadwood at the Gilded Mountain Lodge area. John and I had our rehearsal dinner when we got married at the clubhouse in the neighborhood, so it’s pretty special. It has the coolest homes – rustic, industrial, metal, and woodsy. Very unique. It was Ivy’s first big road trip, 6 hrs in the car. EEEEK. But, we managed survived. It was just fun to get the heck outta SuFu for a while! We went with all of John’s family, his mom Betsy, dad Dan, two brothers, Jim and Jeff, and Jimmy’s girlfriend Nancy. I turned into psycho mom because Dan had a cold, so I was like XXXXXXX to stay away from Ivy. But Grandma Betsy got in a lot of good snuggles. I’m totally a baby hog though because I always want her. I shared sometimes :) All in all, baby’s first Thanksgiving was full of hikes, good food, nice weather, and cozying by the fire. Made this Thanksgiving pretty darn good.


Jeff’s Cabin – Cash’s Sluice


Jeff, Grandma Betsy, and Ivy

DSC_0221 IMG_0204_2 IMG_0205_2

Baby Buck, haha


Lucky girl got to sleep in bed with us


What’s Deadwood without a little gambling? Big money, big money! $$$$$

IMG_3773 IMG_3782

Spent some hours at the Mystic Mountain Ski Resort. Snow bunny

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