October 30, 2017

Finally feeling like Halloween over here! Pumpkins and decorations all over! We put our spiderwebs up all over the house this past week and the kids had so much fun throwing spiders into the web to make things a little more spooky around here. Spiderwebs are the best kind of decor, so cheap and spooky and easy clean up + no storage! Just toss it! We also got a few more extra large pumpkins for carving and couldn’t wait to make our jack-o-lanterns! Can’t wait for Halloween tomorrow!!!!!

Ivy had no problem digging right in. She kept pulling all the ‘guts’ out and would yell, “DIS-GUSTING!” Like such a teenager, haha. She didn’t mind getting dirty and loved picking out the seeds! Leo, on the other hand, not too interested. He pulled a few seeds and guts out and then just said, “too messy,” and went back to his trucks. The kid just wants to play all day! Ivy didn’t mind doing two pumpkins herself! :)

Do you know the history of the Jack-o’-lantern? Nope, I didn’t either. Read that here!

Loving all these recipes for pumpkin seeds! YUM Sweet and spicy for me please!!!

Ivy chose a scary black cat for her jack-o-lantern!

Ok Leo, I guess we’ll do yours… since he’s napping.

Gotta do the classic jack-o-lantern face! Ivy just said, “Make sure he’s a smiling pumpkin!” LOL

Spooky Halloween is here! Can’t wait for all the trick-or-treaters! We’ll be in our down coats and boots all bundled up with our costumes on. BRRRR! Nonetheless, super anxious to celebrate Halloween with these little goblins! Happy Halloween!!!


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