Halloween 2016

November 2, 2016

This Halloween was the best yet!  Ivy requested we all be Frozen characters, of course, fulfilling her obsession. She wanted me to be Sven and John to be Christoph, haha, but I found this Olaf costume for John and I couldn’t resist!!! Hilarious! What a good sport ;) Haha!

Ivy wanted to be Elsa, so I even put some blue glittery eye shadow, blush, and lipstick on her.  She was in heaven!!! She would not let go of her Frozen wand, carried it around all night! So cute. Leo was such a champ with his Olaf costume! Even kept the hat on the whole night!

With both Ivy and Leo older this time, it was so much fun to see them run up to each house and stick out their buckets for candy! Leo did NOT understand the concept of one or two pieces of candy, he kept going back for more. Good thing he’s cute because people just giggled! :) And it was so funny, he would NOT let go of his bucket! Every time we tried to hold it for him, he would cry and wouldn’t let go! It was pretty cute. He knew he had some yummy treasures in there!

kochhalloween2016img_8795 img_8776 img_8777Ivy Esla Makeup

We went trick-or-treating with our neighbors and it was a blast being with friends, for us and for the kids!

img_2274 img_2258

Already do excited for next year!!! I love Halloween! Now it’s November and holy moly am I anxious for Thanksgiving meal!!!!!! YUM!

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