Friday Finds // 1.29.16

January 29, 2016

(Bear sweater one-piece)

Hello! And Happy Friday! This weekend we’re packing up the family and heading to Okoboji, Iowa for Winter Games. I’ve never been to it and our neighbors invited us to their cabin with them so I am pretty excited. It’s going to be wild with lots of action all weekend! I’m so glad it’s going to be warmer than normal so we can see all the activities and actually bear to be outside. Otherwise, six days till we are in the Bahamas! YES!!!!!! Hope you have a good weekend! Enjoy the 40 degree weather!

Fashion Finds

A perfect slouchy shirt to wear with leggings


I keep seeing this outfit ALL over Instagram. So pretty! But $$$

So like, are these capes cool or not? I kinda like them!

I just want no snow so I can wear flats again

Leo NEEDS this cardigan! (over 50% off!!!)

For all you Viking’s fans out there

Cherry knit girl’s jumpsuit… holy cute (40% off!)

Super pretty floral and striped romper for girls

I just can’t handle this dress for girls

Ohmygah I wish I had a baby girl to put her in this!

Links I Love

Always kind of wanted a sling to wear my baby

A trendy nursing cover with multiple uses

This crown is a must-have for your kid’s playroom! Straight out of Where the Wild Things Are (and 50% off!)

I LOL at this! 22 Tweets about hating to wear jeans – #1 and #2 I about fell off my chair laughing!

So Ivy is obsessed with chicken strips and I can only go to Culver’s so many times (they have the best ones that I don’t feel too guilty about getting). I googled the recipe for Chick-Fil-A’s chicken nuggets (bc they’re soo good!), and I have been making them for her. I couldn’t believe the secret ingredient!

This blog post spoke to me this week about husbands

These knit baby blankets look sooo nice. And they’re made in Haiti! Read the story, it’s pretty awesome.

Eat ice cream for 10 days diet? WHAAAAT!

I’m pretty obsessed with queso

If you’re a baker, THIS is the blog for you see. Y U M – O

News on the Net

Barbie getting a body makeover (WHOA)

Rihanna’s new album. Finally!

Steven Avery Dateline Special tonight

H&M releases eco-friendly beauty line

Zika Virus. SCARY

New Gerber baby

Associates of escaped inmates’ gang arrested

6 thoughts on “Friday Finds // 1.29.16

    1. Kaylee Post author

      I’m so glad I found your recipe! Even I’m addicted! We don’t have a Chick-Fil-A in our city so this is great! Fulfilling my craving :) Thank you!

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