Fantastic February!

February 1, 2016

 (Valentine’s Day felt balls)

February is HERE!!! And today is quite lovely as we kick off another month closer to the spring season! (Before the snow hits again tomorrow : / ) This February is SURE to be F A N T A S T I C. I’m really looking forward to this month! It’s always nice to get bitter January out of the way. Here are some things on our agenda for the month!


We leave this Thursday! Just John and I :) We haven’t had a trip with just us two for quite some time, and we haven’t been out of the country together since my sister’s wedding in Mexico in 2010! So we are pumped to be splurging a little to say sayonara to winter and hello to summer while we bask in the sun at the Sandals Royal Bahamian. They have about every water sport imaginable, but I am most excited for snorkeling and paddle boarding. I got myself this and this (in seafoam glow) swimsuit with this super cool cover-up. I pretty much want to live in a suit the whole time we are there!

via Sandals

via Sandals

| Super Bowl|

BROOOONCOOOOSSS!!!!! I am a huge Peyton Manning fan (yes, I made the switch from Colts to Broncos when he did #bandwagon), so I am PUMPED they’re in the Super Bowl! I really hope they win it this time! 


We will be in the Bahamas hopefully downing some margaritas at the swim-up bar TV, but I can’t help but browse the internet for the yummy recipes for food out there, bc really, the food at parties is always sooo good! I’m loving The Pioneer Woman’s round-up of food. I’ve made her Mexican Layer dip before and it is such a good recipe! Or this recipe for baby bloomin’ onions looks SO good! We are at an all-inclusive, so you better believe I’ll have my fair share of food too! ;)

Mexican Layer Dip

| Valentine’s Day |

I am anxious to celebrate with Ivy this year now that she kinda gets it. One of my friends is having a Valentine’s Day party for kids so that will be sure to be a total SWOON fest with all the adorable kids handing out Valentine’s! Are you having a party? Look at these totally cute DIY hats!

I also love the all of the gifts, outfits, and pink everywhere! Here’s my round-up of cute outfits for you and your babes (see post here). If you’re still looking for a gift for your hubs, this is a really great shaving kit, (it even says “Hey Handsome” on the inside!). For your date night outfit, match these pink stud earrings with this blouse for a little spunk. Here’s a cute gift for your little girl. And lastly, here are 50 Valentine’s crafts, each one sounds like so much fun!

Vday hats

via Oh Happy Day

 A lot to look forward to this month! The last couple weeks of the February should have less commotion. And did you know it’s Leap Year this year? Pretty cool! Have a great February! xo


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