Halloween 2015

November 3, 2015

Halloween was definitely a hit this year! Ivy LOVED being Minnie Mouse and would NOT let go of her “Minnie bucket.” Haha. It was pretty cute! She carried it around the whole night! I was a black cat and John decided on a soldier (he wasn’t too thrilled about being a cat or mouse with me, boooo). Overall, my favorite was watching Ivy trick-or-treat and how Halloween came to life for her!

We had read the book Boo! about a gazillion times, so Ivy was all prepared for jack-o-lanterns, costumes, and trick-or-treating. It was so exciting to watch her put the pieces together as we made the jack-o-lanterns. She has the book memorized! “Daddy cuts off the top, I scoop out the holes, how should we carve our jack-o-lantern?” Happy face!

Ivy couldn’t WAIT to get into her Minnie costume again! She puts on those ears and gives the biggest smile, it’s so darn cute! And Leo was a chubby monkey. Ivy picked his out :) I have to show this video again, it’s too funny!

On to trick-or-treating! She was hypnotized with all of the costumes and kids! In the book Llama Llama Trick or Treatit describes the costumes as “Mini monsters, ghoulies green,” and she kept calling everyone that as we walked through the streets. It was hilarious! (See other Halloween books here)

Trick-or-treating with our neighbors the Heimans! Ivy’s favorite friends!

Then we went on to Main Street by John’s parents’ house and it was the best! Everyone had firepits outside and hanging out, having fun, and passing out candy. And there were a million kids around! So exciting for Ivy to see the decorations and all the costumes and kids running amuk! Amuk, amuk, amuk, amuk! God I love Hocus Pocus!

Later that night we co-hosted a party with some friends and that was a blast! Loved all the decorations and seeing everyone’s costumes. So much fun!


DIY Halloween Bar Menu!! These are the candy corn shots and cherry coke shots I made. Yum!

So that made for a lazy and exhausted Sunday! But well worth it, I love Halloween! And now on to Thanksgiving!!! I am salivating at the thought of Thanksgiving dinner already! Look at this adorable kids turkey hat! So cute! And for the kids table – these critter plates! And for the adults – this harvest foliage serveware, SO beautiful! Gah! All the Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff is making me coo-coo! Love it all!

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