Ivy // 21 months

July 1, 2015


// Dress // Shoes //

Ivy is now 21 months! I feel foolish calling her that, like, why don’t I just say almost two, but I’m milking this month thing till she is actually two and she’s saying she’s two and I shouldn’t call her by the month anymore. So we are going to go right ahead and finish out these next few months so I can feel like my baby isn’t as grown up as she really is : /

She is practically saying sentences now, with several words in a row. My favorite is how polite she is! She always says “thanks,” or “thank you” when you give her something, I love it! Still working on the please, but she will say it if you ask her the right way to ask for something. Starting on the manners young!

She is also OBSESSED with the ipad. We just started giving it to her this month and she’s already a PRO! She loves to play the puzzles and matching games. The “Tiny Hands” educational games are great for toddlers her age. She loves the sorting ones! It’s incredible. She can drag them and match them, like whoa! She also loves the “Toddler Farm” which has animal sounds and puzzles. I wonder what education will be like by the time she’s in school? Technology is key!


// Dress // Sandals //

Lately, Ivy is a BUSY girl! WIth summer here, there is something to do every day! Tuesdays she is at an art class at the Washington Pavilion, Wednesdays she is with Grandma Koch, and Thursdays I love to go to these fabulous children’s theater plays at McKennan Park. We go for walks or go swimming or hit up the zoo in the afternoons and then all of a sudden it’s Friday and we are headed to our cabin for the weekend. Life is pretty busy lately! This new baby Leo (aka tag along) hasn’t slowed us down one bit! 

Ivy21months-7 Ivy21months-8Ivy21months-20 June27weekend-5

Took out the Maui Mat last weekend and she went WILD! Running and running back and forth. And when she would fall she would act like a frog and bounce back saying “Ribbit, ribbit!”


Zoo with Uncle Joe


We just had cousins Anna and Nora in town for a week and Ivy LOVED them! And they were equally obsessed with her! It was so nice to get them together and the three of them had so much fun together.


What are you all doing for the 4th? My sister Jillian and her husband Brian fly in tonight and I can’t wait to see them! She is due in September so I am pumped to see her bump again! And I will be thankful I don’t have one anymore :) My cousin Carson is also coming from Denver so we will have a ton of family fun this weekend at our cabin. They are anxious to meet Leo too! Anyways, hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July! God bless America! ;)

And because Leo needs some love on this blog too – here he is at THREE WEEKS (Already! YELP!)


// Chair //

Annnnnd… I should probably get started on the baby book : / #procrastinator

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