Becca’s Memorial

December 23, 2013

Friends and family of the Koch’s got together to honor Becca, John’s sister, who passed away of cancer February 17, 2013. Julie Mickelburg created a memorial for Becca on a bridge at the Butterfly House. Tons of friends and family made the trip to the ceremony. Ivy is named after Becca, Ivy Rebecca Koch. So this was pretty special. We sent Becca ultrasound pictures telling her we were pregnant 10 days before she passed away, the same day she got told the cancer is back and aggressive. We hope that lifted your spirits a little bit! Becca was bummed she didn’t get to meet Ivy and see her brother with his child, but we know you’re watching us in heaven. We miss you. We love you.




Daddy and Grandma Betsy needed some snuggles during this hard time


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