A Keating Christmas

December 25, 2013

Meet my family. My sister Jillian and her husband Brian are in town from Indianapolis to celebrate Christmas with us. And my Dad, Bill, is on a 2 week vacation from his job in Afghanistan. This was all of their first time meeting Ivy! My poor sister had booked a flight to come meet Ivy over my due date, September 29th, after my doctor had assured me I would have the baby early, buuuut that didn’t exactly happen. Ivy was 2 days late, and Jillian had flown back to Indy the day before. It was VERY sad when I was already super emotional. But now! They’re all here to meet Ivy. SOOOOOO exciting! I couldn’t WAIT to share her with my family.


Ivy loves her Grandpa Bill!


My younger brother Joe


Uncle Brian

IMG_3881Sister Jillian

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