Staying Fit with Barre3 – 5 Things I’ve Learned

December 29, 2016

As the New Year is approaching and 2017 is looming in my head of everything that is to be for the new year (eh eh… new baby…), the one thing that uplifts me is my health and staying fit. Hello New Year’s Resolution!!! With another baby due in June, I’m ready to push my body to the limits once again and see how working out through a pregnancy can help my mental, emotional, and physical state to prepare my body for all stages of pregnancy, labor, and then shedding the pounds afterwards.

I started working out at Barre3 Sioux Falls back in September and have really enjoyed it! Barre3’s approach is to “exercise, nourish, and connect,” (the 3 pillars to Barre3) which is a perfect mixture to balance my physical and mental being. Like I said, the one thing that uplifts me for my future is my health and staying fit, and Barre3 is the perfect match to help me accomplish this!

5 Things I’ve Learned from Barre3 Classes

This was my #1 in search of a fitness center! I have the kids all day, so it’s always been hard for me to find time to workout. I knew I had to find something where I could bring the kids with me in a safe, clean, fun, and friendly environment if I actually wanted to get in a workout. Barre3 has a small but super fun kids area right in their brightly natural lit lobby. They have so many fun toys and Ivy and Leo always RACE in there to claim their favorites. The staff has fabulous caretakers and my kids have always been excited about going. I love it also because it’s SUPER CLEAN and my kids really get one-on-one attention! I feel like Barre3’s childcare is such a hidden gem! I love it! I couldn’t be going to Barre3 without it!

I have been a runner for my whole life, so a gym isn’t really my thang. I have just always ran outside, loving the fresh air and peace and quiet. But, my night runs after the kids go to bed were getting hard, I’d skip them often, so it wasn’t really getting me anywhere. I had to accept that I needed help to watch the kids during the day so I could work out… hence joining a gym. So be open to trying something different! You might be a gym person after all.
I never thought a gym could be so much fun! I love seeing the staff each day and being welcomed into a happy place. Barre3 is all about nourishing the body and making connections in order to lead a balanced and happier life. By focusing on whole-body health, they empower you to feel your best from the inside out. Everyone is SOOO friendly there and the trainers are very knowledgeable. You walk into the fitness center and feel like you’re working out with all of your best girlfriends! I love feeling welcomed and part of a community.

Barre3 is unlike any workout I’ve ever had in so many ways! I’m feeling so much more toned and differently fit than I ever have with running. I am not much of a yoga person, I like more movement and cardio and feeling the burn, so with Barre3 combining yoga and pilates, it’s a perfect combo to burn the body but center my mind as well. I feel physically challenged differently every class and with the trainers encouraging me and uplifting me and me pushing myself, it works straight to the mind and body.

You’re guaranteed to hear, “shaking means changing,” at least once during class, and believe me, YOU WILL SHAKE. Barre3 is all about high reps and low weight so when you’re going, “down an inch, up an inch, (repeat, repeat), now hold at your low,” you WILL SHAKE. It’s so challenging! But I’m a freak and love to FEEL a change so this burn is what I’m all about. Really makes me realize I’m stronger than I think when I can beat those shakes! Embrace the shakes and that’s when you’ll see change! Ouch! But a good ouch! Hello Carrie Underwood legs! :)

I’m so thankful for finding a gym that has been so fun for me and my kids. I really need that hour a day to rejuvenate myself and feel better physically and mentally. I love knowing that my kids are in good hands just steps away while I’m taking care of myself. I can’t emphasize enough how fabulous it’s been for me! I couldn’t be going to Barre3 if they didn’t have childcare, so I am extremely thankful for them offering that to help us Moms!

With 2017 just days away, I hope you’re thinking about your New Year’s Resolution! Or if you’re just wanting to try something new or wanna feel the burn, come check out Barre3! I know you will love it as much as I do! They also have a TON of online video workouts to use if you’re stuck at home too! Easy peasy!

They are staring a Barre3 All In 4-week online and in-studio program on January 9th, it’s sure to be a positive way to start the new year!  Here’s a little more about it –

For 4 weeks, you’ll get:

  • • five barre3 workouts a week
  • • A guided meal plan with food you will LOVE
  • • Access to wellness experts & B3’s online community

One month is all it takes to:

  • • Get stronger, healthier and more energized
  • • Feel balanced and centered in your mind

Hope to see you next time I’m in class! Try out the 3 classes for $30! And start checking off your goals for the New Year – No more being a couch potato! ;)

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