Reunited and it feels so good

May 18, 2014

This last week was a REALLY good week. We had our last days of school and I get to be back together with Ivy again all day every day! Pretty sure I started my summer break countdown before my students did :) We celebrated by heading down to our cabin in Yankton with some friends for the weekend. While I was celebrating, Grandmas were not. Betsy, John’s mom, and my mom Caleen have been taking care of Miss Ivy while I have been at work, and Ivy has become their little pride and joy too. I am so thankful that Ivy got to spend time with her Grandmas! My mom was the more calculated one with her being the nurse, on the other hand, Betsy was her free-spirit self getting Ivy accustomed to all sorts of things and getting plenty of action. Either way, Ivy was in fabulous hands. For the Koch’s, Ivy filled a void that they needed after a tough year last year. Dan would have his morning bottle-feedings and rock her to sleep before he left for work, while Betsy would take her to stitch group on Thursdays and share her with all of her friends. The last couple months while it has been nice, I had to drop Ivy off at Hardee’s to meet Betsy and Dan with their morning walking group. It was so funny each time bringing her in there, she knew all of the women and would always give each of them a big smile greeting. Ivy got plenty of attention, that’s for sure. Plus, with Ivy being with Grandma Betsy, it was nice for John and his brother Jimmy who would often stop over for lunch or sometime during the day to see Ivy. I think Betsy had a visitor every single day. Good for Ivy because she likes to be in the action! It would certainly keep BOTH of them busy! Ivy and I are looking forward to trips to Lake Madison with Dan and Betsy and spending time at Camp Koch this summer. Betsy has it all set up for Ivy! Now for swimming lessons in June!

Here are some funny pictures that Betsy would send me


Hi Mom, just having fun with Gramma BetsyIMG_4868

Daily Readings


Uncle Jimmy, multitasking at its best. Ivy’s not impressed.

IMG_4826 IMG_4597 IMG_4704

Visiting the Butterfly House with Kristi and the Sweeney Girls


I don’t like tarantulas!


Smiles at Grandpa!

IMG_4710 IMG_4713

Reading cookbooks


Lunchtime with Daddy

IMG_4880 IMG_4881

Drums don’t belong in your mouth silly girl!


Sniffing lilacs


Ivy wouldn’t be a Koch if she didn’t have a sweet tooth! MMMMM




Silly girl

We spent Saturday at the lake with Shannon. Finally some sun!


Shannon’s going to be Ivy’s Pediatrician in October!


Summer looks good on you baby girlIMG_4920 IMG_4921

First time touching the sand. She loved it! But not the cold water, EEK


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