Bye Bye Downtown Loft Living, Hello Home!

December 13, 2013

John and I have lived in the Larson Square Lofts downtown for the last 10 months. It was SO much fun living downtown where all of the action is, including our favorite restaurants (Bros Brasserie, Josiah’s, Queen City Bakery), Falls Park, 8th and RR shops, and the bike trails, which have been AMAZING to have while on maternity leave and before. Gotta lose that baby chub now. But, now, with baby in tow, we have 3 humans and 2 pets in a 1 bedroom loft. A little tight. We can finally get into our house! It’s moving weekend! Although I hate moving and packing, I cannot WAIT for Ivy to finally have her own bedroom. I think John has wanted to kick me a million times as I have shushed him over and over again. So packing up, and moving out! HOORAY. IMG_2629

Can’t forget to pack this girl!


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