She’s here…

October 1, 2013

Today. We had a baby. WE, as in 2 people, coming together, formed a new human being. Still blows my mind. Here she is – meet our baby – Miss Ivy Rebecca Koch. She was born at 9:11pm at 7lbs 9 oz and 20 inches on October 1st. Our little baby xxoo




Look at those long toes!


 This event was the most incredible thing to ever happen to me, to us. The process of bringing our little Ivy into this world was an experience that I will never forget. John was a champ. His love and strength helped me so much! I chose a natural birth, no epidural or drugs, to create the ultimate natural birth experience. Although it hurt like hell, it was amazing to see what the human body can do and how I conquered through it. I’m sooooooo glad it’s over, and now we can finally snuggle our sweet little Ivy. xxoo :)

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