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February 11, 2018

Three kids was our magic number. Three wonderful kids. We’re so thankful for our children and it’s hard to admit we are done, but three is our biggest adventure.

John and I wavered between two and three for a long while. On one hand, we were very content with the two we had. We had fears of adding another – outnumbered, more money, harder to go anywhere, table of five, how do we even begin to fit in a car, more money, do I need to get a minivan, how the heck do we travel, did I mention more money??? ugh … so many fears pulling us backwards to stay at two. The older Leo got the easier it was to just keep the cruise control going from there.

On the other hand, we didn’t go into our pregnancy with our second child thinking this was our last. I didn’t savor the last little baby kicks I’d ever feel, or those baby hiccups rocking your belly, or the miraculous birthing experience to see what the body is fully capable of,  seeing your baby – the baby you and your husband created – for the first time, or the first sweet latch to make mama cry, or even the first gummy smile or adorable giggle that completely melts your heart. I needed to experience it all again knowing these were the last firsts.

We went for it, throwing our fears and wallets out the window and went for it. Three. We’d have three.

And I am so happy we did. Experiencing the pregnancy to really savor each and every moment was such a gift. I yearned for each ache and pain and kick and hiccup, knowing it was the last I’d ever feel. I yearned to have another birth story to share and compare. Mostly, I yearned for just one more baby, to smell the sweet newborn smell, to snuggle and cuddle and immerse my love in her fully and completely.

Knowing it was our last baby has even changed me as a mother. Really enjoying each cry or meltdown or hug or kiss has made me patient and 10x more loving (if that’s even possible) than with my other two. So much of taking care of babies for me was going through the motions, I never really liked the baby phase. I couldn’t wait till they were walking, more independent, talking, more personality… but here in this day, in each moment with Faye, I’m wishing she’d stay little, wishing for one more gummy grin, wishing for her to stop growing up so fast, cuddling her so sweet when she cries. It’s made me so aware of how fast time flies right by us. How did we even get to THREE? And now here I am, snuggling our last baby with every ounce of me given up to her.

So if you’re at all on the fence… do it (literally and figuratively). Going into a pregnancy (or adopting or whatever means to have a baby!!!) and having a baby KNOWING IT WILL BE YOUR LAST, was the best thing for my heart and soul (Chicken Soup for the Soul sh** right there). Like a gift from GOD each and every moment.

Three was our magic number.

Faye’s Story

June 22, 2017

Faye, oh, Faye, you are the sweetest little girl. All 10 lbs 3 oz of you, wow you are quite the baby! You sure threw me for a few loops during this pregnancy though! As a third child, I guess that’s what I get, the baby of the family getting her way all the time :) We’re so happy you’re finally here, you were well worth the wait!!

40 weeks + 4 days = My birthday and Leo’s birthday! Also, OVERDUE. There was so much hype on this day! Were were going to have THREE birthdays on June 8?! Well the day came and went, and you decided you wanted your own day. I don’t blame you! :)

40 weeks + 5 days = Ultrasound. Doctor ordered an ultrasound to determine if fluid levels were safe to continue the pregnancy past 41 weeks. All checked out great, so I’ll keep chuggin’ (a very slow chug!) along!

41 weeks = SERIOUSLY.

41 + 1 day = Our very last day with you. We decided to be induced the next day, as Doctor Hermanson was on call and I so wanted to experience a birth with my own OBGYN. This day was weird, knowing you would be here tomorrow. Eerie, but exciting. I really didn’t want to be induced since I have had quick natural labors with the other two, but the farther past 41 weeks I got, the more scared I was getting that something would go wrong. Safe just to get you out! That night I tried ALL THE MYTHS again to try to induce labor. I read through this article to learn more natural ways to induce labor. I wish we could have stripped my membranes, but I was Group B Strep Positive so we couldn’t do that : / So, I attempted some of the other ones to try to get some contractions moving! Including the nipple stimulation! The method that I hadn’t tried yet up to that point.

41+2 days = Finally at 2:00am, I woke up, having some contractions, YAY!!! Induction was supposed to be at 12:00 Noon that day, Tuesday, June 13, so I was pumped to finally go into labor naturally! They were a few minutes apart already and getting stronger quickly, so I woke John up, we packed the car, called the grandparents to come over, and headed to the hospital at 3:00am. I was so excited to finally meet her!

3:15am – I progress really quickly, and I needed to get at least one dose in of the Group B Strep antibiotic, so we were headed up to our room to get settled into labor and delivery. I was a 6 already when we got there. Yay! My contractions were getting close and stronger and were were close to meeting her! I kept breathing deeply through the tough contractions.

4:30isham – I all of a sudden felt the urge to push! I told John to get the nurse and sure enough, I was a 9 and they started rushing in the equipment to set up for delivery! I would be pushing soon!

I gave one or two big pushes and out she came! Well, just her head, and this was scary! Her shoulders were stuck! The doctors and nurses started yelling frantically to push again quickly and hard to get her out. I pushed one more big push, and out she came! We waited for that newborn cry… but it wasn’t coming, finally after a good 5-10 seconds, she wailed! WHEW! I guess she was pretty stunned from being stuck that it took her a little bit to come to. But that little cry, a check over by the nurses quick, and finally she came to me to snuggle skin-to-skin! THE BEST.

All the staff was saying, “Whoa, big baby!” They all guessed 9-9.5 pounds. GEEZUS, really?! Only to find out when we actually weighed her, that she was 10 lbs 3 oz! WHAAAAT. How did I have that baby in me?! And how did I get her out?! And I didn’t tear at all! WOW! Bodies are pretty amazing aren’t they… thank god she was my third child!

LOVE HER HAIR. Ivy and Leo didn’t have anything but a tiny bit of peach fuzz! So this hair is pretty exciting for us :) So cute!

Whew, another natural labor for the books! From contractions starting at 2am, and birthing her at 4:40am, I am pretty lucky to have quick labors!

And then for her name… man we struggled this time around! John has been all about Faye for months (it was a best friend of John’s mom growing up is how he thought of it), but I couldn’t really grasp the name for a long time. We had Ava, Esther, and Chloe as our other major front runners, but when I came across this blog about the name Faye, I really started to love the name. So finally we were starting to agree! Ha! Then we went with my favorite Lumineers song, “Ophelia,” as her middle name. I’ve loved that name since I heard that song years ago, and it’s getting more and more popular, but it was too long for a first name since we love short names, but I love it for her middle name! Faye Ophelia :) Our little lady.

Faye Ophelia Koch
June 13, 2017
10 lbs 3 oz
21 3/4 inches


She looks huge here!!!!

Proud Daddy xoxo

First family meeting! Ivy is IN LOVE!

Daddy’s Little Girl

Grandma Betsy (John’s Mom) and Grandma Caleen (my Mom) loving on Faye!!!

After her first bath! Nurses put that bow on, haha, too cute!

We got to leave the next day and Ivy couldn’t be more obsessed! She’s going to be such a good big sister. Already taking care of Faye so much and helping Mommy. Love my girls!

Thank you for all the well wishes from friends and family! We appreciate all of your support and love! So glad we’re all happy and healthy. Xoxo, Koch party of 5! EEEEK! :)

Baby #3 // 40 Weeks

June 4, 2017

Well, not too happy that I’m doing another post on this pregnancy! Due date is TODAY so I guess I better document it! : / Humph. Whew, 40 weeks, what a journey! Can’t believe I made it to my due date. Leo was such a tease at 10 days early, I was hoping for another baby to be a few days early. BUT! I’m reminded of the 40 reasons to go the full 40, and that does make me happy that she is cooking in there growing healthy and building up her brain more! So I guess I’ll be gracious for that! I was two days late with Ivy, so these Koch girls just like to be late! I started getting some lower ab cramps yesterday and still now today, so hopefully that means she’s coming sooner than later. Leo and I’s birthday (Yes!! We share birthdays!!) is this Thursday, June 8th, so if this baby is seriously four days late, that will be IIIIIINSANE!

Here’s a recap of my 40 week baby bump!

20 weeks // 24 weeks // 28 weeks // 33 weeks // 37 weeks // 40 weeks

How far along: 40 weeks – due date TODAY
Gender: Baby Girl
Weight gain: 29 lbs – gained 29 total with Leo (and he was 10 days early) and 27 with Ivy (and she was 2 days late)

Names: We spent almost ALL day yesterday talking names!!! We’ve had a list of about four that we like, but John likes two and I like another two! Ha! So we chatted a ton about the reasons we like the names and don’t like the names and I think we FINALLY maybe have one! I just don’t know if I believe that whole, “you’ll know when you see her” thing that people say when the baby comes out. I like to be a little more prepared than that! So I’d say we have one, but I have a second in my back pocket, just in case I get spooked by the one we chose! ; ) I love to use Nameberry, so nicely organized and a great resource. And the list of the top 1000 names for 2016 just came out. Fun to browse!

Last Doctor’s check-up: Last Tuesday. Baby’s heart rate was 149 and I was 3cm dilated and 100% effaced. I got up to 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced before labor ensued with both Ivy and Leo, so hoping for the same. Otherwise baby checked out great! Next appt this Tuesday if I still haven’t had her.

Maternity clothes: UGH, I don’t even want to talk about maternity clothes! I want out of them! Especially with summer in full swing now, these temps! WHEW! Live in dresses so you can get some air down there :) This dress is beautiful floral. But basically give me anything black (like this dress or this dress I’m wearing in the pics which is non-maternity) to hide this bump (and probably sweat!) a little bit. And if you need a maternity swimsuit, this one is or this one is adorable! Otherwise, looking for things for after baby now! I found this dress for newborn/family pics and it’s so pretty. Or just plain beautiful white would be lovely also! And give me allllll the rompers for after too. I love how they’re a little baggy and will hide the bump. Except when you have to fully undress to go to the bathroom, ugh! Haha. This romper and this romper are calling my name.

Here are some more of favorites out there!
Swipe right to see more products, then click the arrow to view even more

Sleep: Besides staying up late last night with my brain going wild on a name, I’ve been catching as many zzzzzs as possible! Sleeping well thankfully.

Best moment this month: Getting the girls’ shared room completed! Can’t wait for them to share a room, I hope the transition goes okay once she sleeps through the night. See their cute room here. I just need a rug! Thinking maybe this one… but I’m so indecisive!

Worst moment this month: So much sciatic nerve pain! She’s really down there pushing hard against it! Oh and getting into a swimsuit… that was no fun. UGH.

To Do: Just have this baby!!! With Leo being early, I went into psycho mode a couple weeks ago and got everything basically done. So now I’ve just been waiting! My bag is packed (see that post here with a fun Rebekah Scott Designs bag) and we are ready to go!

Now come on baby! Please, I don’t need THREE birthdays on June 8! :) Leo and Ivy want to play!

What’s in My Hospital Bag

May 25, 2017

Bag is packed and we are ready for baby! I was NOT going to make the same mistake I did with Leo and attempt to pack a bag as I was in active labor and contracting! John had to bring me like 10 different things later on. Imagine trying to explain to him where my tucks and pads were! EEEP. Soooo, this time, I wanted to be a little more prepared. Plus, third time around, I feel like I know exactly what I want and need with me to make my hospital stay and recovery as sweet as possible.

CAN’T BELIEVE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MY HOSPITAL BAG! EEEEK! This is really making it all feel so close and real!

Here’s what’s in my bag:

Bag – I collaborated with Rebekah Scott Designs on this bag and it is exactly what I needed! She is from Valley Springs, South Dakota and creates and sews these bags herself, with the help of a few other stay-at-home Moms or even Grandmas (adorable!!!)! The products are 100% guaranteed FOR LIFE, amazing!

But, what I love most about Rebekah Scott Designs, is that you get to design the bag of your dreams yourself! She has about 70 fabric designs to choose for the outside of the bag, and almost 60 other fabrics to choose from for the inside. So many choices! And so fun to mix and match prints! I designed the “Olive” bag with the black gingham outside and rocket ruby inside. Obsessed with how it turned out! The floral pops of color on the inside look fab against the black and white outside. I’m anxious to use it at the hospital and for weekend trips!

There are tons of choices on bags and purses also. She has diaper bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, accessories, and lots of other items! Ivy even got the little “Cosmetic” and she had a blast choosing her fabric – of COURSE she chose the purple tabby print. Her favorite color!

What’s really neat too is that Bekah names each her bags about someone who is important in her life (meet and read about Olive). Pretty neat to read about the women and be inspired!

Isn’t the bag PERFECT?! You gotta check out Rebekah Scott Designs! She’s also offering you all $10 off a purchase of $100 or more for the next two weeks, use code AppleofmyIvy10 (cannot be used on bundles). Happy shopping!!

Robe – MUST HAVE. You won’t be comfortable wearing anything with the humongous pad they give you to wear, so this robe to hide everything is perfect. So comfy and I love the beautiful floral pattern. Plus easy access to breastfeed.

Pajama Pants – Find some comfortable pajama pants because that’s what you’ll want to live in! These are really pretty and silky.

Nursing Bras – I LOVE these! They’re super soft and stretchy and really comfortable. No wire or clasps to mess with. Easy and comfy.

Nursing Pads – My milk came in pretty fast with Leo last time, so I expect the same this time. Out of control everywhere at first. These help with messes! Won’t need many since you’ll hopefully be out of the hospital before your milk REALLY comes in! Then use this to catch milk from the opposite breast that baby is feeding. I got several extra ounces each time using this!

Lanolin – Because OUCH. Nipples so sore.

Tucks – These are A-MAY-ZING. They are cool and soft and are medicated with witch hazel to help with burning and itching. Can be used all over down there, on both parts, to help soothe and offer relief.

Pain Relieving Spray – The water bottle the hospital gives you to squirt up there is heavenly and cleans things up real nice, but you still might have pain. A nurse recommended this last time with Leo and it felt so nice! I’ll be bringing it again this time.

Facial Wipes – I LOVE these from Burt’s Bees. The grapefruit is super refreshing, one of my favorite smells. I plan on having these bedside to freshen up quick without having to waddle sorely to the bathroom.

Face Mist – Total sucker for new products and I love everything Pixi. This face mist is enriched with 21 natural oils plus propolis, aloe vera and fruit extracts. It’s another thing that’s just simply refreshing and offers a bit of glow to clean up that tired after labor look! :)

Lip Oil – This new lip oil from Burt’s Bees is sooo fabulous. It’s really moisturizing and so soft. Plus the color, I got showering sunset, is really pretty. Just for a tint of color.

Boppy Pillow – Helps with positioning baby while nursing for added comfort. Find your perfect cover at Ivie Baby Shop, my favorite!

Swaddle Blankets – Start perfecting it as soon as possible! Babies love to be snugged up tight. This raspberry peony swaddle and this morning glory swaddle are so dreamy and pretty!

Baby Outfit – Love everything KicKee! Baby will be coming home in the same outfit Ivy came home in! :) Plus a bow!

Mama Outfit – Find an outfit that’s easy to put on and super comfortable as you’ll still have a baby belly. This one is so easy to slip on and has extra room to wear when you leave the hospital.

Slippers – You’ll want these for walking around the hospital on those cold floors!

Toiletry Bag – Large Makeup Bag and Small Makeup Bag to keep all of your toiletries in – such as vaseline, shampoo, conditioner, face wash, moisturizer, makeup, razor, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair products, etc.

Other Items to consider – Your own pillow, comfortable underwear (although the hospital gives you some gigantic ones that are just fine!), music player, camera, tylenol and stool softener (instead of using the hospitals for a big charge!), snacks, etc.

38.5 weeks! I had Leo 10 days early and that was today! So is baby girl going to be more like Ivy and 2 days late?! Hmmm!

Pockets on the outside… YAAAAS

All ready! Baby will be here any day! Thanks again Rebekah Scott Designs! Love my bag!


Baby Faves

May 17, 2017

You’d think you have it all… after three kids, I mean, you’d think you have it all. Clothes, blankets, gear, e v e r y t h i n g baby. But there are always new things out there that I reaaaally just can’t resist! With each child, there has been that thing I really need (or let’s be honest… want) and just have to have.

With Ivy, it was the Ergobaby and JuJuBe diaper bag, I knew I had to have them!! Plus all of the cute Aden and Anais swaddles. Then with Leo, it was the Baby Bjorn so he could face in or out, super soft June and January swaddles, the UppaBaby Vista stroller so I could fit two kids in there, and of course the Solly Baby wrap, because I was actually going to do some baby wearing with him! And I did! A lot!

Now, with baby number three, I’m again finding things that I must have! Or just really want to try :) Some brands are new, some brands have been around for awhile, either way, I’ve seen them around and have always wanted them! So I’m stocking up with all my baby faves for our last babe! Here they are! And some things for Mama too :)

diaper bag // swaddle // swaddle set // sling // nursing cover // robe

Diaper bag – Starting with this diaper bag. I really do love my JuJuBe one, it’s super functional, stylish, and easy to use. But I have been eyeing these Fawn Design bags FOR-E-VER but could never get myself to splurge on one. A few months ago they had the blush bag 50% off because the manufacturer had the wrong label, or something, so they were selling them on discount. I was super excited, set my clock, and bought one the second they went on sale! I LOVE the look of it and I am so pumped to use it with this new baby!

Swaddle – Clementine Kids is a very new brand (isn’t the name adorable!!!) of swaddles and quilts and OH SO PRETTY. I love all of the pretty floral prints and they are super soft! So beautiful. I got the the raspberry peony and I might just have to buy the buttercup blossom one too :)

Swaddle set – The other swaddles I’ve always loved are the Little Unicorn ones. Again, super fun and pretty prints very very soft blankets. I got the Morning Glory swaddle set and I looooove the light purple in them.

Sling – I’ve gone from the Ergo, to the Bjorn, to the Sollybaby (which I love and still plan to use!) and now I want to try a ring sling! I fell in love with the WildBird ones, although there there are tons of brands out there, I just love the style, the colors, and the girl who created them (@taylorgolden) is totally awesome. Again, I set my alarm clock for the spring launch a couple months ago and got my Cassin Wrap! I can’t wait to try it out!

Nursing cover – THESE NURSING COVERS. Why didn’t I have one with Ivy or Leo?! Especially Leo, that’s when I kind of started to see them around.  I love that there are so many uses for it – nursing cover, car seat cover, scarf, and shopping cart cover. Genius item! I bought this Covered Goods one and a friend gifted me this Milk Snob one, both are very soft and fun prints!

Robe – Lastly, a robe!! MUST HAVE in the hospital! I didn’t have a robe with Ivy, bought just some cheap one from Target for Leo, and now I see these pretty Pink Blush delivery robes around everywhere! So many fun solids and prints and they offer short or long. I opted for the long taupe floral one and it’s sooooo pretty.

Pretty excited about these new finds! What are some of your favorites with your babes??

I’m 37.5 weeks (because I totally count the halfs at this point!) and super anxious to meet this baby! Can’t wait to use all these new pretty swaddles and gear with her! :)