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Bye Bye Downtown Loft Living, Hello Home!

December 13, 2013

John and I have lived in the Larson Square Lofts downtown for the last 10 months. It was SO much fun living downtown where all of the action is, including our favorite restaurants (Bros Brasserie, Josiah’s, Queen City Bakery), Falls Park, 8th and RR shops, and the bike trails, which have been AMAZING to have while on maternity leave and before. Gotta lose that baby chub now. But, now, with baby in tow, we have 3 humans and 2 pets in a 1 bedroom loft. A little tight. We can finally get into our house! It’s moving weekend! Although I hate moving and packing, I cannot WAIT for Ivy to finally have her own bedroom. I think John has wanted to kick me a million times as I have shushed him over and over again. So packing up, and moving out! HOORAY. IMG_2629

Can’t forget to pack this girl!


Gobble Gobble Black Hills

November 25, 2013

I absolutely LOVE Thanksgiving. The food, the food, the food. Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, scalloped corn, mmm, my mouth is salivating. I was even more excited this year because we took a trip out to the Black Hills to my husband’s brother’s (Jeff) cabin. He bought a cabin outside of Deadwood at the Gilded Mountain Lodge area. John and I had our rehearsal dinner when we got married at the clubhouse in the neighborhood, so it’s pretty special. It has the coolest homes – rustic, industrial, metal, and woodsy. Very unique. It was Ivy’s first big road trip, 6 hrs in the car. EEEEK. But, we managed survived. It was just fun to get the heck outta SuFu for a while! We went with all of John’s family, his mom Betsy, dad Dan, two brothers, Jim and Jeff, and Jimmy’s girlfriend Nancy. I turned into psycho mom because Dan had a cold, so I was like XXXXXXX to stay away from Ivy. But Grandma Betsy got in a lot of good snuggles. I’m totally a baby hog though because I always want her. I shared sometimes :) All in all, baby’s first Thanksgiving was full of hikes, good food, nice weather, and cozying by the fire. Made this Thanksgiving pretty darn good.


Jeff’s Cabin – Cash’s Sluice


Jeff, Grandma Betsy, and Ivy

DSC_0221 IMG_0204_2 IMG_0205_2

Baby Buck, haha


Lucky girl got to sleep in bed with us


What’s Deadwood without a little gambling? Big money, big money! $$$$$

IMG_3773 IMG_3782

Spent some hours at the Mystic Mountain Ski Resort. Snow bunny