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Kitchen Inspiration

August 29, 2018

Now that we have our kitchen design down, time for some inspiration to finish the look! I told John, I GET THE KITCHEN, because I’m the only one that cooks! 😆 So it’s been really fun (AND HARD!) dreaming up my dream kitchen and how to achieve a timeless/antique/modern/character filled kitchen. I initially thought – WHITE KITCHEN. I’ve always loved the timeless clean crisp look of white, but it really wasn’t calling me with how the house is so rich and bold. I have been loooooving the navy and dark kitchens lately. So I scoured the internet and Instagram for all the inspo and I’m loving how it’s going to turn out!

CABINET COLOR: I’m all about the bold and moody colors for this house! With the rich stained wood beams everywhere I want some bold colors in it to match! I chose Farrow and Ball Hague Blue for the entire kitchen. I was going to do two-toned with white uppers, but was kind of hating how it didn’t match. Plus we plan on doing very white counters and white walls so I think we will be okay with the rich deep bold blue color.

Here is Farrow and Ball Hague Blue: isn’t it dreamy!
(Go Willow Homes)

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Kitchen DEMO!

August 28, 2018

We’re knee deep in demo and designing phase right now and I’m so excited to share more from our house project! The house is COMPLETELY destroyed right now it seems like, so it’s so sad! The upstairs is like a tornado because we completely demoed it since it had two apartments (two kitchens, two laundry rooms, etc) to get it back to single family living. But we have visions for what it will look like when finished, and I’m drifting off into never never land each night with dreams of our house and the finished product. Well okay, sometimes nightmares, but mostly all good dreams! Or I can’t fall asleep because I’m thinking too much about design, ugh. Either way, it’s been a fun process so far and I’m learning WAY MORE than I ever thought I would know about anything house! See our first post and more pics of the original house here.

Our FIRST house goal goes to the … KITCHEN! I have huge visions for this space! The old kitchen was not original, in fact, it was an outdoor patio turned into a kitchen, so we weren’t dealing with a historic original space that we couldn’t change. But the one thing we definitely want to keep, is the CEILING! The ceiling has arched latticework that was covered up since who knows when, then discovered by the last owners in 2001 when they were changing a light fixture! It’s SOOOO BEAUTIFUL and they were even featured in This Old House magazine for the find! Latticework was really common for patios and this one has gooooorgeous woodwork and neat details! We will just paint it white to brighten it up!

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