Faye Turns One!

June 16, 2018

Happy FIRST birthday my wittle babay Faye. Sweet little angel child! We love her so much and she has completed our family with her sweet smily consta-grin. And now she’s ONE! What a year as a family of five and seeing all of our kids grow up – Faye definitely grew up the fastest! June 13th at 4:40am, 10 lbs 3 oz seems like just yesterday!! Goodness! Forget how big she was! WHEW! See her birth story here

We first celebrated Leo and Faye’s birthday with John’s family on Sunday. We had cake (from Bakologie) and she loved to get spoiled along with her brother! She was so funny with her cake. Hardly used her hands, just dove in with her mouth on the cake! Ivy was laughing so hard at her!

On her actual birthday, June 13th, it was all about Faye! We took her to her favorite spot – the POOL! She LOVES the water and to splash around!

For dinner, we went out to Bread and Circus with my family, for her favorite meal – Mac N Cheese! She had so much fun and I could tell she was feeling special – she was extra smiley!

Love you so much Faye Ophelia! You light the room up with your smile and snuggles and we are so lucky with your easy-going personality!




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