Faye // 11 Months

May 14, 2018

Faye is 11 months old!!! Good grief, almost a 1 year old, EEEEEK! I simply cannot believe it. It’s gone by so fast! She’s such a sweet bundle of joy and we love her so much.

Faye is getting goofier and goofier every day! She’s really coming into her personality and I love to see what is new with her each day. Her favorite thing to do right now is make tooting noises with her lips and mouth, she does it all day! Then Leo joins in, then Ivy joins in, and then there’s so much spit all over the place! It’s pretty funny though :)

What’s even funnier, is that whenever I’m getting her a drink or even if she ever sees me drinking water, she pants like a dog! It’s SOOO funny and such a hilarious way to communicate! I giggle each time, hehe.

She’s also still growling all the time, so weird!!!

Faye is still on 2 naps a day and showing NO signs of getting rid of the morning nap. She’s sleeping 12 hours at night and her two 1.5-2.5 hour naps a day. Such a sweet baby! Just cuddle her up with her blankie and lay her down and off she sleeps, sweet girl.

I’m like 2 weeks away from being done breast-feeding! WOO HOO!! I started weaning about a month ago and went from nursing 3xs a day, to 2xs, and now I’m just once a day and then I’m going to finish that in a week or two and be DONE! For some reason, totally over it with Faye, the other two I was always kinda sad, but I’m sooo ready to be done with babies taking over my body!!!

I’ve been giving Faye a bottle about once a week for her life and she always takes it! So I have been giving her half breastmilk half milk bottles the last couple days and she takes em! Hoping the transition to milk will be easy. I have two bags of breastmilk left in the freezer! Crazy to be TOTALLY done with breastmilk in 1-2 weeks!!! Never thought this day would come! I’ve been pregnant or breast-feeding for 5 years straight! Oufta!

And this girl CAN EAT. My gosh, I don’t know how she fits it all in her tummy. Haven’t found anything she doesn’t like yet, eats EVERYTHING, and in HUGE quantities!

Faye’s moving all over the place! Has started letting go, stands on her own, and takes assisted steps around the house. Even found her up 5 stairs the other day, YIKES!!! It’ll be a crazy summer with 3 walking children!

One month till she’s one! My gosh! Faye Ophelia, you’ll always be my baby tho! xoxo



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