Black Hills Vacation and New Cabin!

April 8, 2018

We headed out to the Black Hills for Easter (see that post here) and to see the progress with the new cabin! Loaded up the fam and packed the car and trailer full of decor and furniture for the cabin. But first, a stop at Wall Drug! Such a fun place for kids!

Now on to Lead, South Dakota! John has owned a lot out there for 10ish years and finally decided to build last August! It was a fun process to be involved in and even more fun to see my husband’s mojo put to work! He really is amazing at what he does ( – renovates and remodels old homes for rent in Sioux Falls), and I was ULTRA excited to go see it in person after months of only getting photos!

We named it “Sheep Hill Chalet,” the street is Sheep Hill Gulch Road in Lead, SD. We decided on a “modern mountain” theme – a mix of modern with rustic chalet elements and decor throughout and it turned out perfect. LIT-TRALLY blown away when I walked in the door! UNREAL. John has such an eye for cool decor, furniture, and has a serious design eye. It’s so neat inside! The layout is perfect, with huge 16 foot windows and transoms above every door for extra light. Tons of natural sunshine beaming in through all of the windows. Incredible. It was so fun to get in there and see all of the progress! It will be for rent so check out our website for more photos, details, and to book!

Isn’t it the coolest! Good job Hubby!

Moving on…

We went to Terry Peak the first day since there was still so much snow everywhere. The sun was shining and it was so fun to get out for one last ski! And it was Leo’s FIRST TIME!! WOO HOO! Next winter I hope these two get much better once they’ll be older and we start going to Terry Peak and Great Bear more.

That night it snowed a TON and all the next day! Great to cozy into the cabin. Leo LOVES the snow and was begging to go on the snowmobile and sled. Totally his area out there!!! The cabin sits on 7 acres and connects to the Black Hills National Forest, so not another home in sight!

Later in the vacay, we ventured into Deadwood and walked the main street. Love it there! So much history and fun shops to go in and out of. The old historic buildings are the coolest!

We also did an Old Fashioned Photo. Ivy LOVED every second of it and she told us all exactly what to wear. She’s so good! Makes a decision so fast! Whereas I have to look at every dress before I pick one. I need her to dress me! :) She was in heaven in her cute little dress and Leo loved to be a cowboy. He wanted to ride the rocking horse and shoot his toy gun more than take a photo ;) haha

Ha! Leo nailed his look! And Ivy couldn’t help but smile :) So adorable. Framed that up at the cabin!

Overall, I’m so excited to get out there more often this summer. So much to see and do in the Hills! Now if only summer would come!! Can’t wait for our next trip.



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