Awake My Soul

March 6, 2018

Sometimes, ya just need a break.

From work, from kids, from life, from social media, from… whatever. I’ve been in that phase for a few weeks (maybe months!) now. Just needing a break from everything. I needed that time to get recentered with my soul and mind and character, explore new spiritual callings in my life that are fulfilling me in ways I never knew, and to have some private time with the family to just be together. It’s been weird, but good weird… discovering new thoughts and feelings I haven’t had before and being off the grid a bit with social outings and social media. I even read a book! A REALLY GOOD BOOK! I haven’t sat down to READ since, I swear, before I had kids (#embarrasing). Kinda loved spending free time nestled on the couch reading and learning instead of mindlessly scrolling instagram.

One thing that remains true and has sunk down even deeper during this break, is my wholehearted love for my kids and family and how that should be my number one priority. Being around them more instead of saying yes to everything and being pulled in 142 different directions bc I can’t say no (#FOMO) has completely filled up my cup of life. Loving on them is all I really want to do.

Turned into an old soul I guess! I’m feeling like such an old lady just wanting to be around my kids and husband all day! My post about Faye a while ago is really hitting home and I want to soak in every drop of our kids’ innocent young sweet love and also have more deep mind-fulfilling conversations with my husband more often. I feel like we’re always talking when the kids are vying for our attention and our conversations never get finished! Nor can I focus! More convos after the kids have gone to bed. Or just more date nights with no distractions!

Plus I’m constantly thinking of my relationships with people. Are they genuine, are they good for me, are they people I want to be associated with, am I feeling satisfied, am I being a loving friend, and most of all, do I feel like myself or a better version of myself around them… all so exhausting and tearing me into pieces.

My brain has been cluttered with so many thoughts and I’m trying to strain out all the bad and keep in the good. It’s made me really reflect on how to lead a more wholesome life and to reevaluate the important things in our lives.

Kind of made up a new family motto:

More family time, less obligations.
More husband/wife dates, less couples dates.
More memory making, less social media.
More presence, less multitasking.
More doing, less thinking.
More praying, less worrying.
More church, less excuses.
More intention, less clutter.
MORE LOVE, less of everything else.

Feeling like a better version of myself this month than previous months and have brushed off some cobwebs up there. Embracing this glorious mess that I am! My soul is yearning for so much more and I’m heading on the right track. Thanks for putting up with me friends, family, and followers! xo

m u m f o r d + s o n s



2 thoughts on “Awake My Soul

  1. Ramsey (Kavan) Fitzsimmons

    This is truly one of your best Kaylee! It takes a lot of bravery and a lot of emotional intelligence to know when you need to take a step back. I have recently been doing that myself and you are so right-it is mind blowingly life changing. It’s sad that our generation needs to do these kind of soul searches but in the age of technology and social media, things aren’t done for us in this regard like they were for our parents. Thanks for sharing and it inspires me to double down even more on my own spiritual/emotional journey. Good luck!!

    1. Kaylee Post author

      Oh thank you Ramsey! Bravery for sure! My whole world was inside out! Nice to reevaluate your inner being once in a while :) And you’re right, it is sad! Even as a grown up having to go through those things, I feel like that should only happen once, in your twenties when you’re totally lost! Ha! Glad I could help you , and let’s join on this spiritual/emotional journey together! :)


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