Oh Baby! Baby Doll Birthday Inspiration

September 27, 2017

Ivy turns 4 this weekend and she picked a baby doll party to have fun with her friends! She’s totally into Barbies, like, obsessed, but ever since having Faye, she’s gotten more into her dolls, so it was a perfect choice for her!

I’m going with an “Oh Baby” balloon theme and tons of cute little girly things that I love too! I found the perfect invitation that goes along with it and balloons to match. I’ve rounded up the rest of the items that I found for inspiration and I can’t wait to celebrate her and see how it all comes together!

invitation // oh baby balloons // candles // cake topper // salon chair // stroller // bottle // doll // doll clothes // crib // high chair

Ivy is getting more into the real version of dolls instead of the little baby dolls. The All-American and Our Generation brand from Target are so awesome! LOVE those dolls! So realistic. She really loves to dress the dolls 10 million times over and over so the outfits will be a hit with her! She also asks me to braid or do their hair ALL the time so the salon will be hilarious to watch her!

We included on the invitation for all of her friends to bring a doll to join in the fun, so all the doll accessories will be put to use with everyones little babies. I’m borrowing some extras from friends too bc, well, sharing… :) Haha.

Anxious to celebrate Ivy and see all the little girls play with their dolls! Can’t believe she’s almost 4!


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