Faye // 1 month

July 13, 2017

Faye is 1 month old! Whew that went by fast! She’s been such a good baby, sleeping and eating, awake and snuggling and smiling, then sleeping and eating again. John asked me which baby has been the easiest, and I would have to say her! Although Leo was really easy too, she just seems so calm and good. Thank goodness for our third! Fewf.

Faye has been awake more and more and she started cooing and smiling this week, ADOOOORABLE. I love how they try to talk to you, it’s so cute! I love when they’re in milk coma asleep and crack a smile, pretty much the best :)

Ivy is still obsessing over her! She loves to pet Faye’s hair, haha, and is always asking to hug her. Pretty sweet sister. Leo, well, just lets me know when she’s crying, ha.

Faye is such a big baby! Spent two days in newborn diapers (10 lbs 3 oz at birth!) and has been rocking the size 1, although those seem to hardly fit her too! Thankfully I didn’t have too many newborn size outfits because she wouldn’t have fit in them! I’m anxious for her next appt to see how much she weighs now. She eats like a champ!

Faye has been making it 5.5 hrs at night, thank goodness for one long stretch of sleep!

Happy one month little darling! We love you!

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