Baby #3 // 33 Weeks

April 15, 2017

33 weeks tomorrow! I am officially freaking out that this baby will be here very soon. Especially since Leo was 10 days early, I need to seriously get in gear with getting some things done with this baby stuff! Finally got out Ivy’s 0-3 month box of clothes to go through. She was October 1st and this baby is due June 4, so they’ll be a little off season, so I’m eyeing all the adorable onesies (like this one  in every color!) and rompers (this is so dang cute!) out there for summer!

Here’s a recap of my weekly photos (and hair styles, hehe) so far

20 weeks // 24 weeks // 28 weeks // 33 weeks

How far along: 33 weeks tomorrow – due date June 4
Gender: Baby Girl
Weight gain: 22 lbs (gained 5 lbs the last month)

Names: Still don’t have one picked out! We have three we like, but can’t really choose one. My husband has a for sure front runner, but I’m not sold! Maybe it’ll grow on me. Still want to use May (my middle name) as her middle name if it goes well with what we pick. Taking suggestions that go with Ivy and Leo please! Doesn’t have to be three letters :)

Last Doctor’s check-up: Yesterday! Baby’s heart rate was 155 and she was moving around a ton! Measure right at 33 weeks

Maternity clothes: Full on maternity style! Loving that it’s nicer out to wear dresses. This chambray dress is so pretty with the detail around the trim. Or this dress, love the funky orange color! This dress is cute with the bow in front! For tops, this eyelet flutter top is so pretty, love it’s long like a tunic! I’ve been wearing this cheetah print top for a little flair on a night out. The fit is great and I like that it’s fitted. Totally gonna get one of these robes for the delivery and aftermath also!

Sleep: I’ve been so busy lately! So at nights I’ve been pretty tired. Two late night girl’s nights in one week has me pretty lazy today. I’m sleeping fine, basically just zonk out. My hips hurt a couple times this week, maybe because I went running then didn’t stretch very well, whoops! But otherwise, still sleeping well, thank goodness.

Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary – still obsessing over popsicles and shaved ice. They’re my favorite! Pregnant or not!

Best moment this month: Realizing holy shit the baby will be here soon. So anxious to add another sibling to the mix and to hold a little baby!

Worst moment this month: Realizing holy shit the baby will be here soon. ALL THE THINGS I NEED TO GET DONE.

Nursery: I’ve decided the two girls are going to share a room, and Ivy is really excited about it! We have Ivy and Leo and our bedroom upstairs and one bedroom in our basement (two-story home), so the girls are going to have to share for a few years. I’m pretty curious already about all the girl talk that is going to go on! Haha. I bought the same crib sheet that Ivy has as her twin sheet because I’m like, SO EXCITED, about the girl’s and all their matching outfits I plan on doing! So I started with a matching sheet so the room remains with the same theme. I don’t plan on changing Ivy’s room at all, just need to rearrange the furniture to make the crib fit in there. But I don’t really need to worry about any of that until baby is sleeping through the night and is out of our room. So Ivy has her freedom for a while longer! ;)

dress (non-maternity! just sized up)

 Just a short while to go! Can’t wait to meet you baby girl!

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