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March 9, 2017

It’s National Reading Month! And we read a TON over here! Ivy has always been a huge reader, but Leo literally goes up to his room and sits in his chair to read his books, it’s so great! I think he loves it even more than Ivy! He cries every time we stop reading at nap and bedtime and yells out, “Booook!” I chuckle every time :) I love that I have kids who enjoy reading!

We read two books at nap and two more books at bedtime each day with each child, so we are going through a lot of books! And if you have a kid like Ivy or Leo, sometimes they pick the SAME BOOK OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I can reason with Ivy now telling her we already read that one, and sometimes I win the battle, and sometimes I don’t, but with Leo, there’s no winning. He is a freak! I have to hide books from him sometimes so that we stop reading the same book without a serious meltdown, haha. So we are always looking for new recommendations to change it up!

We have recently been heading to the library to get some different books and the kids love going there! That’s how we discovered some of our new favorites! It’s so nice to read new books and they love to pick theirs out.

Here are some of our favorite books to read right now!

Poke-a-Dot Colors | Poke-a-Dot Monkeys | Trucks | Animal Alphabet | Little Blue Truck | Crafty Chloe | Today I’ll be a Princess

The Poke-a-Dot books are AMAAAAZING! I can’t believe I’ve never had them until now! We have two of them and I want every single one (there are a bunch!!)! The kids have so much fun with them! You know bubble wrap? Well there are raised buttons that you push and they pop as you go throughout the pages to count, look at colors, go through the alphabet, find animals, etc. So many different things and Ivy and Leo LOVE pushing the buttons to hear the POP! It’s funny when I hear “POP!” up in Leo’s room, I can always find him now! ;)

Animal Alphabet is a fun book for both kids too! It goes through the alphabet showing the letter and half of the animal, then you have to slide the panel covering the animal to reveal the whole thing! It’s a ton of fun for Leo and Ivy loves to say each animal as we go through the alphabet together. Below is a picture of the pop book and the alphabet book.

Leo is OBSEEEEESED with trucks and animals! I’ve read the Little Blue Truck probably a gazillion times, this is by far his favorite – trucks and animals together! He also loves to see all of the different kinds of trucks in Trucks – who knew all the names of those things?! I didn’t!

Ivy is tooootally into dress-up and princesses right now. Today I’ll be a Princess is right up her alley! It’s all about dressing up and being like a princess, but also about how it’s not always greener on the other side of the castle walls. Super cute and adorable pictures. Ivy loves to find what she would want to wear if she were in the book!

Lastly, Crafty Chloe is one we’ve found at the library! This book is so adorable about how Chloe crafts up a birthday present for her friend. It’s really cute and fun to see what she makes! Heart-warming awwwwwe at the end :)

Hope this helps you switch it up a little in your house! Always looking for new books and recommendations. And if you haven’t signed up for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, you MUST! Not everyone is eligible, but you’ve got to register to see if you are! Kids get one book a month until they are five! Ivy LOVES to get a new book in the mail each month. Or head to your local library to check out some new books!

Happy reading!!! :)

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