Baby #3// 24 weeks

February 15, 2017

I am 24 weeks this week! And I have REALLY popped! I took a long time to pop this pregnancy but BAM the baby belly is HERE. This pregnancy has been going well and feeling great right now! Still going for jogs and working out at Barre3, although the belly is getting in the way with all those squats. I can’t imagine how I will look doing them in another month! EEEK! Otherwise, maternity clothes are in full effect and taking down that box from storage is always pretty humbling : / Although this stage the bump still looks cute, when you’re like 35+ weeks it’s just so damn big!

Here is comparing month to month – 20 weeks on the left and 24 weeks on the right

How far along: 24 weeks
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 14 lbs (gained 8 pounds this month! EEEP!)

Last Doctor’s check-up: Yesterday! Went so well. Baby’s heartbeat was at 155 and her little leg was stretched all the way out, super cute. Enjoy that extra room in there little girl! You won’t have it for much longer! :) Next month is glucose testing, bleh.

Maternity clothes: Definitely can’t button the jeans anymore! So I’m in leggings or some old maternity jeans I had with Leo. I’m LOVING these black distressed ones! I want them really bad!  Although these light distressed ones are much more in my price range and just as cute in a different wash. And I’m loving our weather lately so I’ve been soaking it up in some dresses! Recently wore this beautiful mauve one to a wedding and I’m eyeing this animal print dress, super fun!

Best moment this month: Vacation! It was so nice to have a getaway! San Diego was beautiful and Colorado was so much fun with family and lots of snow! was beautiful and Colorado was so much fun with family and lots of snow!

Worst moment this month: Making the transition to maternity jeans! Booo! I hate the bands! Yeah they’re comfortable, but the band annoys me so bad!

 Miss anything: Doing squats without having to have your legs super wide to make room for the belly : / Ugh

Movement: Lots! She kicks and moves around so much. I always think this stage is weird when they have a bunch of room in there and you can feel them actually doing somersaults in there. Strange feeling rather than just a jab and kick!

Cravings: Oranges! Can’t get enough of them! Juicy big delicious oranges, mmmmm.

Names: No idea on a name yet! There are a couple we still really like that were on the list with Ivy, but looking around for some different names. We are both into simple easy names, hence Ivy and Leo :) The whole three letter thing is just a coincidence, I don’t know if we plan on keeping up with that, but hey, maybe??? :) And I realized we have I (Ivy), J (John), K (Kaylee, L (Leo), so maybe we need an H or a M? Ha! I don’t know! We could use some ideas for sure!

Looking forward to: Wearing more dresses! This weather is SO FABULOUS and it’s getting me in the mood for spring! Plus, so easy to put one thing on and head out the door than a big ole’ maternity shirt and big ole’ maternity jeans!


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    1. Kaylee Post author

      Someone else said May, but spelt Mae! And actually, that’s my middle name (May), so I think we plan on using that as her middle name! But we could always switch that to her first! :)

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