When You’re Just Really Proud

February 7, 2017

I had a big hell yeah MOMent yesterday. One of those days where everything went well and easy and I don’t think my heart rate even accelerated in frustration once, which is a total feat in my world with two little kids! It made me sit back today and acknowledge that I’m just really proud of my kids, and I don’t do that enough. I’m usually hard on myself to have well behaved kids and have everything go right, which is a long shot with two free-spirited little ones. But yesterday, I just felt good about my kids and being a Mom.

And it all started with Ivy. Yesterday, it just hit me like BAM, she’s a little girl growing up so fast and so well behaved and trying to be such a good sister and influence on Leo. It was one of those moments where you just TAKE THE MOMENT actually and sit and watch your kids. I was watching her pick out her whole outfit, picking out her dress first, “my favorite pink dress!” as she throws it out from her closet, remembering what Mom always says, that it has shorter sleeves so she needed a sweater, getting some “pants because it’s coooooold outside,” and finally picking her socks and “Anna and Elsa undies!!” Outfit complete and then, “Oh yeah! My pink bow and necklace!” Can’t forget those :) She continued to dress herself, buttoning her own sweater, getting her socks on right, and finally asking to put her bow in and necklace on. I watched in awe that she just did that all by herself, this little tiny three year old, completely dressed herself from head to toe. She’s done this for a long time but I’ve never really sat and watched and THOUGHT about it. I sat there smiling and soooo proud of her, and a little of myself, that we got it right with her. We got it right. So very proud.

I realized what we did right with Ivy (and probably got a lot of wrong too!! But meh…) was that we were always making her feel like she can do it, she can be independent, she can be strong, she can achieve it. I constantly made sure that she got a chance to try something before I would do it for her. She was always persistent too and wanted to do it herself and I absolutely love that about her. So independent and willing to fail, try try again, and then to finally succeed. I really admire that quality in her. I was all gushing up about how proud I was about her, filled with love up to the top, then I looked at Leo, haha. And realized, here he is 21 months tomorrow, and I haven’t even made him try to take his own coat off yet! EEEEK! #momfail

As quickly as I was beaming about Ivy, I was torn down about my parenting with Leo #whiplash. But I pushed that Mom fail guilt aside FAST as it was a moment to learn to slow down, remember that I HAD THE TIME WITH IVY to teach her independence and beating struggles, and now with two kids, somehow I don’t have the time like I did with Ivy to teach Leo that. So I recognize I need to slow down and take that time, get him to his independent stage and quit doing everything for him just because it’s faster and easier, because honestly I’m usually running out the door shoving his clothes on him! Leo deserves the same opportunities and learning that Ivy had because I KNOW he can do it too. And just to think, we have another baby coming in June, so all of a sudden the pressure is on!

So, another MOMent to learn from, sit back and just be proud of your kids and yourself for a second. We are raising kids and as tough as that is, we are doing a great job!!!! Take those moments to learn and reflect on your kids and your parenting. This really made me aware of how much I’ve changed as a parent from 1st child to 2nd child, in many good ways, but in this example, a not so good way either. Get back to square one with what do I want my children to be like, and for goodness sakes… time to JUST BE PROUD! :)

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