Baby #3 // 20 Weeks

January 15, 2017

I am 20 weeks today! I can’t believe it’s gone by this fast and that I’m halfway there! I feel like I’ve hardly documented this pregnancy (kid three problems already), so I took my first real baby bump photo to finally snap a pic! I really popped out the last couple of weeks, so I actually have a little bump finally instead of just feeling the expanding belly push against my jeans that I can hardly button anymore!

So far this pregnancy has been just like #1 and #2 with Ivy and Leo. I’m not a very exciting pregnant person to read about because I don’t get any symptoms, good or bad! I would love for the glowing skin or shiny hair about right now :) But am SO thankful I don’t get sick. I feel like it’s odd that I’ve had three exact same pregnancies! But I don’t mind!

I did this pregnancy journal with Leo (see his posts here: birth story // maternity photos // 38 weeks confessional // 35 weeks // 30 weeks // 26 weeks // 20 weeks // gender reveal // pregnant reveal) and they were kind of fun to reflect on and see how I changed over the weeks. I decided to do it again this time for these six reasons:

1) So that I actually think about this baby (again, 3rd kid problems)
2) I want to focus some attention on this baby while trying to manage these two other rascals!
3) Two words: baby book
4) We are done after this baby! 3 and DONE. So I want to soak this in since it will be our last 😣
5) I ran every day with Ivy, did nothing with Leo, and now am doing Barre3 and running with this little girl, so I am curious how different I will look and feel
6) I got a new camera and want to use it more!

So here ya go! My pregnancy journal at 20 weeks

How far along: 20 weeks – due June 4
Gender: Girl
Weight gain: 6 pounds

Last Doctor’s check-up: January 10 // 9 weeks 2 days // We had our ultrasound and baby was moving around like crazy! We found out babe is a girl (see reveal here) and it was so cute to see her fingers up by her face. She is 11 oz (54th percentile), heart rate 144, and is growing fabulous and perfectly.

Maternity clothes: I haven’t started wearing maternity clothes yet, so close though! I can still button a few of my stretchy jeans, so I’m wearing them as long as possible! Plus, winter = leggings, YAAAAAS. For shirts, I’m into anything oversized or loose, like this plaid b&w blouse, or this oversized turtleneck sweater (love it in pink!!), or this sweater with frilled sleeves (on sale for $10!). Also cardigans are a pregnant girl’s friend! Love this long cardigan that I’ve so been wanting.

Sleep: I had a cold all week, grrrr, so I wasn’t sleeping the best, but otherwise, still comfortable at nighttime.

Best moment this month: Finding out babe is a GIRL! I didn’t realize how much I really wanted it to be a girl until we found out! I am SO excited for Ivy to have a sister, such a special bond.

Worst moment this month: Being pregnant and sick are like the two worst things – I hate taking meds period, and even more when I’m pregnant, but Sudafed was my best friend this week, sorry baby 😏

Miss anything: Alcohol. We were at the Eric Church concert last night and what I wouldn’t have given for a beer to be toasting with him while he belted out “Drink in My Hand!!”

Movement: Lots! I felt her first kicks at about week 14/15, so now I’m feeling them much more frequently and they’re getting harder. Little tyke is a mover! Love the kicks though

Cravings: Again, I’m super boring pregnant bc I don’t get any weird cravings either! All the Valentine’s Day candy is calling my name – Hello Nerds and Sweet Tarts! I don’t like chocolate #weirdoIknow

Looking forward to: VACATION! Taking the fam to San Diego soon! I can’t wait to lounge by the pool, go to the zoo, and we plan on taking the kids to Disneyland since we will only be an hour away! Otherwise, as far as this pregnancy, I want to just enjoy it all from here! We only have the master and Ivy and Leo’s bedroom upstairs and another bedroom way downstairs, so we plan on having Ivy and Leo share a room for a few months and then moving baby girl into Ivy’s room with her once she is sleeping through the night and on a good schedule. So I don’t have to worry about a nursery or really buying much since we have a ton of girl stuff! But I DO want a Wild Bird sling this time around. I used the Solly Baby wrap all the time with Leo, but want to try a sling this time around. Anyways, just going to enjoy this pregnancy and hope that it slows down some!! :)

Here are some more gender reveal pics!

Again, thank you for all of your support so far! Love my followers friends :)

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