Announcing Baby Number 3!

December 21, 2016

Big news!! We are pregnant with baby number three! AHHHHH! We are so excited to add one last (yes, 3 is my max!) baby to this clan. Due date is June 4th. That’s my Dad’s birthday! And June 8th is my birthday AND Leo’s birthday! Seriously, if we have ANOTHER June 8 birthday… that will be CRAAAAAZY.

I’m 16.5 weeks right now and feeling great! So weird but I’ve had the exact same pregnancy all three pregnancies so far! No nausea (THANK GOODNESS, so lucky), and really no symptoms at all. Cruising right through it! I don’t want it to go by too fast though!

I’ve been able to keep up with running and Barre3, which I started before I was pregnant and am obsessed with! They do a fabulous job at accommodating and telling me alternate exercises to do. I love it there and it’s so great having an hour to myself and getting a workout in. Plus they have childcare! Whoop!

I didn’t do ANYTHING during Leo’s pregnancy and with Ivy’s, I ran almost everyday the entire pregnancy, so I am glad I was in shape before getting pregnant so I can keep up with it all! Will hopefully bounce back fast after birth. HOPEFULLY.

Ivy is so excited! She is really understanding a baby this time around. She talks to my belly and really loves to poke my belly button which pops out like the second I’m pregnant, ugh. She wants the baby to be a girl and wants to name her “Elsie!” Which is also one of her best friend’s names! Pretty cute :)

Leo walks around saying “baby baby” which is so freaking adorable. He’s so sweet and will be such a good big brother. I can’t wait to see him with a real baby! He LOVES stuffed animals so I can already picture him being really nurturing! So cute. REALLY hard to imagine him not being the baby of the family anymore though, he’s just so sweet! He’ll always be my baby :)

No clue if it’s a boy or girl. With having the same pregnancy through Ivy and Leo and those being different genders, now this being the same pregnancy again, we have no idea!

I’ve always wanted a sister for Ivy since I grew up with two sisters close in age, however, now I would also love a brother for Leo! So we are pretty indifferent on which gender. We find out January 10th. So lucky to already have both a boy and girl! Just praying for a healthy baby!

So excited to share this news with you all! It’s going by so fast already and I’m happy to go through pregnancy one last time. I love to feel those baby kicks!

Hoping for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby! Thanks for your support everybody!

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