Holiday Toy List for Boys and Girls

December 17, 2016

Countdown till Christmas = 7 days! EEEK! ONE WEEK!! Do you have your holiday shopping done yet? I love going in to Child’s Play Toys this time of year. So much cheer and holiday spirit in there with all of the fabulous toys around! I am excited to share some of the toys that we got for Ivy and Leo. Toys for boys and girls, and toys for them to share!

Ivy is toooootally into dolls and barbies right now. And she is obsessed with YouTube! So weird. She watches videos of people playing with their toys and her favorite is any of the “Elsia and Annia” videos. It’s a young girl playing with the toddler (6 inch) Elsa and Anna dolls and Ivy is obsessed! That’s the only thing she keeps asking for from Santa! So adorable. Had to get her those! And she also asked for a doll bed to go with it! Love this bed and blanket set!

Leo is getting more and more boy! He is really into cars and trucks and trains. My sister got him a train set for Christmas and he’s been loving to push the trains through the bridge and down the hill. Fun to finally have some boy toys around here!

Then I plan to fill their stocking with some toys to share. Loving the sno-art markers! I think they’ll have a lot of fun with those once it warms up a little bit and they can actually go play in the snow! And a his and hers shovel bc we know how sharing goes ;)

Time crunch to get your shopping done! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime when it’s this cold out!

BOYS || dump truck | soccer ball | cars | mega bloks
GIRLS || puzzle | chelsea doll | doll bed | frozen boombox | princess playdoh
THEIRS || sno-art kit | shovels | dot art

Hope you stay warm this weekend! Dang it’s cold! Kids keep asking to go build a snowman and I’m like, yeah right! #wuss

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