Our Thanksgiving Weekend

November 29, 2016

After stuffing our bellies with tons-o-food at Thanksgiving (see that post here), the fun continued with lots of family time! My sister Jillian, her husband Brian, and their daughter Alexandra stayed with us and we jumped ahead to celebrate Christmas with them while they were in town. So fun and adorable to see all of the cousins ripping apart presents! Ivy was going NUTS opening hers and basically everyone else’s! I’m loving seeing her really understand and enjoy Christmas this year!

Here’s a sneak peak into our busy weekend with the family!


These kids LOVE sound books!thanksgiving2016-46 thanksgiving2016-52

Leo finally getting some boy toys!thanksgiving2016-50

Celebrating Christmas is so much fun with kids! Love seeing all the magic in their eyes

After the kids terrorized the house, we took off to an ugly sweater wine party to enjoy some delicious wine, cheese, and time with friends!thanksgiving2016-60

On Sunday, we got ready to go to a Polar Express brunch to see Santa, so of course the kids had to wear some pjs! HOW CUTE ARE THEY!!!!

thanksgiving2016-38 thanksgiving2016-41

Yippee!!! Santa!! Christmas!!thanksgiving2016-42boy pjs | girl pjs

We headed to the brunch and Ivy couldn’t WAIT to see Santa!!!


I’m so excited that she didn’t even cry!!!!! FINALLY! 3 years of torture on his lap and now she can finally enjoy Santa! She was so proud up there telling him she wanted a Barbie with blonde hair and a tutu, haha. Love that girl! Leo, on the other hand, just went up to him, grabbed his present, and ran back to Daddy, it was so hilarious!

We had such a blast with cousins and family! Sad it’s over as Ivy keeps asking, “Where’s Alexandra?”


Cousins. Too freaking cute.

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