Holiday Photo Cards

November 20, 2016

It’s that time of year again! That love/hate relationship with family photos, trying to get everyone to cooperate and FREAKING smile, which is near impossible. But then you get that one fab photo and you’re not quite sure how, but you can’t WAIT to get it on a Christmas card! That might just be me, but I am preeeeetty much obsessed with holiday cards! I also do love taking family photos, because from my experience, no matter how big of a shit show you think it was, the photographer always surprises me with photos where I’m like, HOW DID YOU GET THIS PHOTO.

These last photos we took (see the urban photo shoot here) with Emily Mitton Photography were some of my favorites! Still shocked how great they turned out! I was positive that Leo was sucking his fingers or crying the entire time, Ivy was her flighty self running around amuk and being crazy, and John was fighting with Leo trying to hold his hand down and out of his mouth, all while I was sweating and trying to get two kids to laugh naturally (riiiiiiight) and get a smile out of them! But like I said, always to my surprise, the photographer somehow nails it each time!

I can’t wait to share my holiday card with you! I love going to the mailbox each day with new cards from our family and friends to hang on our board. Love holiday cards! This year I chose a pretty modern hipster design to match our urban photos. I’m really into minimalist simple this year and toooootally loving everything black and white. Can you guess which card design we picked?!

Here are some of my favorites this year from Minted and Tiny Prints

Holiday Christmas Cards

Top – 1 | 2 | 3
Middle – 1 | 2 | 3
Bottom – 1 | 2 | 3

I LOVE Minted and Tiny Prints! Their cards are the best out there! Plus, on many of these holiday cards you can change the colors on the card, the greeting, add gold shimmering foil that is soo beautiful, so many options! Overall there are tons of ways to personalize these cards!

And now this year, Tiny Prints also offers free address recipient printing, just like Minted does! THIS IS HUGE! I have my addresses imported that I’ve used every year, and the beautiful designs they put on the envelopes with the addresses are so pretty! I love that I don’t have to write out the addresses! Time saver during the busy holiday season!

Tiny Prints - Birth Announcements and More

34 days till Christmas! Just sayin’! EEEK!

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