Mermaid Birthday Party Inspiration

September 15, 2016

Ivy turns THREE on October 1st! So cute and so crazy that she is going to be THREE! My goodness. Ivy said she wanted a “mermaid party!” She sings “Part of Your World” (and “Tomorrow” from Annie!!!) all day and it’s so cute. She loves to play with her Ariel Little Mermaid barbie, so I wasn’t surprised she picked mermaids, which is totally ok with me because Little Mermaid was my FAVORITE as a kid! Totally living vicariously through her for this party! :)

Cutest theme for a three year old – “Join us Under the sea, Ivy is turning three!” Adorable. Can’t wait to celebrate her big day! Here’s some inspiration I’ve gathered up so far. Tons of cute ideas out there!

Mermaid Under the Sea Party Inspiration

balloons // tassel garland // under the sea invitation // happy birthday banner // mermaid cake topper // mermaid fin cupcake topper // sequined peplum top // sequined mermaid skirt

I’m obsessed with that Carken Designs mermaid skirt and top! So fun! Ivy is going to FLIP!

And I LOVE the color scheme, the invitations are perfect for it. They even come in a blonde, brunette, or redheaded mermaid! How amazing is that? And what I usually always look for, is to see if they have the extra stationery for the party, and this invitation had other matching items! Favor tags, welcome sign and thank you cards! All to make my life much easier, thank you :)

I am totally gonna copy this mermaid party from one of my favorite mommy bloggers, Little Baby Garvin. The balloon arch is so cool! Let’s hope I can get crafty maybe? And the seaweed?! God she’s good.


And the mermaid tail (made with an ice cream cone) cupcakes are totally awesome! I think I could actually make those! mermaid-fin-cupcakes

Anxious to get it all together. I kind of procrastinated because I get so sick of planning these birthday parties! UGH! But now that I’ve gotten a start it’s been fun! And this year, her birthday lands on a Saturday (October 1st), fun to get to party on her actual birthday! Can’t wait to see you in your little mermaid skirt, Ivy. We love you xoxo.

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    1. Kaylee Post author

      Hello!!! Nothing! They have a toothpick on the other side of them and I just put it through the small side of the cone and it just laid right on it. Stick the long tail part through with the toothpick so that just the fin is showing.


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