Getting Mommy Rejuvenated

September 11, 2016

Being a Mom is sometimes EXHAUSTING. Like, when was the last time you ENJOYED your hot shower? Or wait, when was the last time you even GOT to shower?! Or when did you take an hour for yourself? Ugh. Us Moms have a green light dangling in front of our heads at all times. GO GO GO. And, I’m not just talking physically, I’m talking mentally and emotionally. So many things to juggle as a Mother: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, naps, playing, learning, disciplining, picking up, cleaning, loving, happiness, caring… the list goes on. Being a Mom is TOUGH.

I go through days where I’m in a Mom rut, or things feel as if they’ve gotten a little monotonous, or I’m just kinda bored and not too involved with playing with the kids, or I’m a hot mess, or I feel like I’m screwing everything up, but sometimes on the other hand, I’m feeling FREAKING AWESOME, we go out and do things, go on adventures, I’m in play play play mode, I have dinner on the table (HELL YA), I’m hardcore loving my kids, and everyone is happy. Such ups and downs. I truly believe my morale can dictate the entire households. So being a “happy mom” benefits everybody.

Last week, I was in one of those ruts. I couldn’t wait to get out of the house away from the kids. Going berserk. I ended up going to the movie “Bad Moms” with some of my girlfriends that night, and it was EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED. I just needed that little push that made me rejuvenated again. Not only was the movie HILARIOUS (seriously, EVERY MOM NEEDS TO SEE IT), but it was uplifting and motivating and inspirational all wrapped into one. It proved that us Moms can try to do it all to be a “perfect mom,” but sometimes, we just CAN’T, and sometimes we need to be selfish and take care of our mental, emotional, and physical side of being a mom (and a human being of course), and the rest will fall into place.

When the movie ended, I left there feeling a much deeper love and appreciation for my children and being a mother. I literally wanted to go home and wake my kids up and squeeeeeeze them so hard and tell them how much I love them and appreciate them, but wait, I went to have two bottles of wine with my friends instead, shit. Well, you get the point! Sometimes we all need that reminder that being a Mom is FREAKING AWESOME and it’s the best job on Earth and our kids are going to be JUST FINE! We have to stop trying to be a perfect mom and be a bad mom! Well maybe not bad, like in the movie bad (And whoa! It’s bat shit crazy funny bad!!), but ENOUGH with the perfect! We live in a world in which the social pressure on mothers is constantly ratcheting up. It’s exhausting. Exhausting.

Now, just remember. Being a Mom has so many sides to it, and being a happy and loving mom is the best side. So I challenge you this week, to do what it takes to uplift your morale and get back some mojo in your mom groove. Whether it be to go see the movie Bad Moms, or go try out a new gym (I’ve been going to Barre3 and I’m obsessed! They have daycare! A MUST for me!), or go on a date night with your husband, or go out for a girls’ night, or go get a pedicure! Something, whatever your hobby may be, take time for yourself this week, get Mommy rejuvenated, and you’ll feel your love pour out for your children and your husband all over again.

And to end on a Bad Moms quote, “We all work too damn hard trying to make our kids’ lives amazing and magical, their lives already ARE amazing and magical.” True DAT.

Take care, Mommy



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