August Goals

August 1, 2016

imageI could hardly write this title without my head spinning around. AUGUST?! Seriously? Where was June, and July, and how the hell is it already August?! Summer is flyyyyying by and this August is the bridge between soaking up the dog days of summer and anticipating the arrival of cooler temps and fall. I hate to even write the word fall yet because I’m sooo not ready for it! Long live summer!

This past weekend was so much fun as we wrapped up July. John and I traveled to Wyoming for my cousin Andy and his new gorgeous wife Rebecca’s wedding reception. Loved seeing all of my family and cousins! It was outdoors on the Horse Creek Ranch outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming and boasted an absolutely stunning scenery. Congratulations Andy and Rebecca!


Dress (reversible btw!!!) and necklace from Coquette Couture – use code PROMOKAYLEE for 25% off.

Perfect way to end July, celebrating with family and having a little vacay!

This month aims to spend EVERY weekend at our cabin! I’m ultra excited about that. Lots of lake and boating time to wrap up the summer.

Other than making sure I’m rubbing sunscreen in , my other goal for August is to get back on track with meal planning. I was doing so good at it this past spring and now since summer has hit, I haven’t been doing it at all! We are all over the place lately I feel like, so time to get back to the basics.

Last week, I had a deal for three free meals from Blue Apron, and they were so much fun! Super easy recipes to make and all of the ingredients were completely ready in the bag. And I really enjoyed each meal! Fun to try new things. I loved it! It got me really anxious to get back into a routine and get excited about cooking again.

So now I’ve found Gathered Table. I tried it a little this last spring and was really enjoying it. It’s an interactive weekly calendar that inputs recipes from their gallery into whichever days you want to cook, completely personalizable. I love that it picks recipes for you because that’s what takes me SO LONG with meal planning, is picking out what the hell I feel like eating! What’s nice too is that you can switch recipes if you don’t want something and can even input a recipe from other sites. Which is awesome because I love Pioneer Woman’s recipes! It then creates a grocery list for you, which if you have the app, you can check things off as you are shopping. I am really loving it so far! This site and app are making my life SO much easier!

So my goal for August is to get back into meal planning each week and start trying new recipes! I bought this lovely weekly planner from Rifle Paper Company to help me stay organized.

I am anxious to try new recipes. I’ve felt like in such a rut lately! Hoping our August is much more organized! I’m starting off my goal right this week, but ask me again at the end of August ;) The challenge is keeping up with it!

What are your goals for August? Hope you have a happy month!

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