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June 14, 2016

I absolutely love our house. It has some serious curb appeal and completely draws you in with all of the natural light and high ceilings. We used to run by it and always wondered what the birds nest type part of the upper left of the house was and what the home looked like inside. So when we finally got a chance to look at it on the market, we knew we had to have it! A perfect combination of young and modern with all of the essentials of entertaining: the perfect patio and kitchen.

Home photo

John and I have settled our family into here and as we grow up, so does our style. We recently updated all of the walls from an awful beige to Simply White from Benjamin Moore. I LOVE THE WHITE. It is so fabulous with the bright light we get into the house. We also updated the kitchen to subway tiles which I’m obseeeeeeessed with! I still have to share photos of our updates and changes from before to after. It’s so good! And happy the hubs is a general contractor and owner of John Koch Construction (shameless plug 😜), so his design work is perfection! He’s got a serious queer eye and has such good taste! And be on the lookout for his feature about a historic home downtown he’s renovating coming out in a few months. Here was one from last year on an 1880 home he restored and renovated. The before and afters are INCREDIBLE! Your work is amazing John! Proud of you!!

 With having a husband in the renovating and design business, he’s usually the front runner with fixing and updating things around the house. And thankfully, John and I work well together with our styles and wants for the house, which is nice!! I’ve gone from hippie funky patterns and colors, to simple little details with whites and pops of color around the house. I’m onto LESS IS MORE and I’m getting rid of all the clutter! I’m more of the filler around the house, finding the perfect details to complement the area. John is more bold with finding eye-catching pieces of art from our favorite artists in town, mostly from Shaine Schroeder, and he’s always finding unique furniture that gets you talking! So come take a peek, as I am happy to share our home with you this month in the Argus Leader newspaper in the SHE magazine edition!



SHEmagazine-2 SHEmagazine-3 SHEmagazine-4

Go online to Argus Leader to read the article and see more pictures! Here is a snapshot of some of the photos of our home via the Argus Leader article taken by the talented Emily Spartz Weerheim. View the online gallery and see the rest of the photos here!

Living Room Kitchen Front entryThank you Argus Leader for the feature! Again, view the online gallery and see the rest of the photos here!


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