Happy 1st Birthday Leo!

June 8, 2016

My boy. My birthday boy. Happy 1st Birthday Leo! And, I suppose, Happy Birthday to myself too! Yes! We share a birthday! Leo arrived 10 days early, just to share it with me, ha. Pretty special, to completely be a Mama’s boy!

Here’s a little Mommy and Mini Me post with Leo and I because I couldn’t really help myself when it’s BOTH of our birthdays :)


I feel like I just gave birth (see story here) yesterday to this little man. Seeing this picture from the hospital floods back so much love as he entered the world!

Bringing a boy into this world has been so different than with Ivy. I remember being so extremely nervous when we found out he was a boy. And now I wish I could take back all of those nerves and fears as holding and loving a boy is such a different and sweet love. He is really a Mama’s boy and I think we both kind of melt into each other’s arms. Oh Leo. You’re my buddy.

Photo Jun 07, 10 23 22 PM

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Photo Jun 07, 10 33 09 PM Photo Jun 07, 10 31 46 PM Photo Jun 07, 10 33 15 PMleoandmom

Happy Birthday Leo! So happy to share this special day with you. I love you so much!

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